What We're Excited to See From 'The Resident' Characters in Season 4

The Resident Season 4 Characters
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The Resident Season 3 didn't end on a major cliffhanger, but the finale did leave us with many questions about the characters' personal and professional lives going into the newly-renewed fourth season.

Conrad (Matt Czuchry) was presented with an interesting opportunity that could benefit Chastain, and meanwhile, he also has a wedding to plan with Nic (Emily VanCamp). Additionally, a member of Kit's (Jane Leeves) family checked into the hospital at the worst time possible, but the season ended with happy news for her loved ones.

'The Resident' Boss on Crafting an Early Finale, Conrad's Offer & Season 4See Also

'The Resident' Boss on Crafting an Early Finale, Conrad's Offer & Season 4

Plus, will Cain be redeemed? Showrunner Todd Harthan teases what could come next.

Scroll down to see what we're looking forward to from those characters, as well as Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and others in Season 4.

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The Resident Season 4 Character Conrad
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Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry)

Professionally: If he accepts Logan’s offer to be the new face of Red Rock, Conrad will be in the right position to take the corporation down from the inside — and it would be entirely Logan’s fault. No doctor at Chastain has been clearer about his or her hatred of Red Rock more than Conrad (except maybe Kit).

Personally: Conrad and Nic are finally getting married! And considering how he turned a practical proposal into something romantic, we can’t wait to see how he handles wedding planning — and to see him choose a best man. (Our money’s on Devon.) And while Marshall is always useful to have around for advice (especially when it comes to dealing with Red Rock), we’d like to see some more father-son bonding.

The Resident Season 4 Character Nic
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Nicolette "Nic" Nevin (Emily VanCamp)

Professionally: Let’s be honest: Chastain would fall apart without the nurse practitioner, and we’d like to see everyone recognize that. Showrunner Todd Harthan said he hopes to bring in another nurse, so we’ll hopefully have the chance to see more of Nic doing what she does best at the hospital.

Personally: With Nic and Conrad’s wedding approaching, let’s see her ask Mina to be her maid-of-honor, which would give us more scenes with those two. (They’re so good!) Plus, hopefully we’ll continue to follow up on how Nic and her father are doing after losing Jessie.

The Resident Season 4 Character Bell
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Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood)

Professionally: Bell has come a long way since we met him; who would have ever imagined that he and the rest of the staff would be on the same side? We’ve watched him fight Red Rock, even taking a hit career-wise, and do a little TV doctoring. Should we see him as CEO again in Season 4? That’s something the series should at least explore.

Personally: Bell’s personal life hasn’t exactly been the best, though there has been the potential for something between him and Kit. Whether or not that develops, we just want to see him make smart decisions when he’s off the clock.

The Resident Season 4 Character Devon
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Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal)

Professionally: Remember when Devon was the fresh blood at Chastain? Conrad mentored him, and now Devon is the one taking on the teacher role. It’s been fun watching him grow — especially when he disagreed with Conrad about getting information from a patient to save a life — and we can’t wait to see how he uses all of that knowled next.

Personally: Devon’s love life has been, simply put, messy. Whether Nadine comes back and they have a real shot at things or he finds someone new, let’s just see some happiness for him in Season 4.

The Resident Season 4 Character Mina
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Dr. Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renée Wilson)

Professionally: Mina is at the top of our list of Resident doctors we’d want operating on us, and we want to continue to see her excel.

Personally: There is, of course, the question of if anything will happen between Mina and AJ, though as long as he remains her mentor, the series is steering clear of going there just yet. But we did get to see a softer side of Mina with her friend’s baby, and hopefully viewers will continue to see her life outside of the hospital.

The Resident Season 4 Character AJ
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Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner)

Professionally: The Raptor is at the top of his field, and he knows it. Let’s continue to see him use that to his advantage and go head-to-head with people like Cain and corporations like Red Rock.

Personally: In addition to his dance with Mina, Season 3 took a deep dive into AJ’s family, and we met both of his biological parents. Here’s hoping we’ll see his families mix more because his adoptive parents are so much fun.

The Resident Season 4 Character Kit
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Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves)

Professionally: If anyone wants to burn down Red Rock more than Conrad, it’s Kit, whose son-in-law Derek paid the price for covering up the superbug set loose in the hospital. And just because Derek is on the road to recovery doesn’t mean she’s going to forgive and forget. Hopefully it doesn’t cost her her career (though perhaps if Conrad takes that new role for Red Rock, he could be an ally).

Personally: We’ve seen a bit of Kit’s life outside of the hospital but we’d like to check in more on Derek and other aspects of her life going forward.

The Resident Season 4 Character Cain
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Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut)

Professionally: Cain finally spoke out against Red Rock (albeit to Logan, in his office) and its poor decisions. But with the mistake from his past as the perfect leverage, will Red Rock be able to keep him in line — especially if Conrad doesn’t become its new face?

Personally: The staff at Chastain got to see another side of Cain when his ex-girlfriend checked into the hospital — and later died on the table. Hopefully Season 4 will introduce more people from his past.