8 Questions We Have After Those ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Teasers

Creel House in Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things Season 4 may not be premiering until Summer 2022, but Netflix has already dropped a few teasers offering hints of what’s to come. Each has left us with more and more questions … to which we’ll have to wait for answers. 

The videos don’t give much away as to what new threats will be faced, but they do show the world of Stranger Things is expanding beyond Hawkins. How is life in California for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Byers? What does the Creel House have to do with the Upside Down? Where is Brenner (Matthew Modine) and what has he been up to all this time?

Keep reading to see all the questions already raised by the glimpses at Season 4.

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Will Brenner get his hands on Eleven again?

If Brenner really is still alive, there’s no doubt he’s looking for Eleven. From a short blink and you’ll miss it clip in the newest teaser, two men in suits are seen restraining Eleven– and without her powers, she’s likely not able to put up much of a fight back. If these two men were sent by Brenner, Eleven finally might have to come face to face with ‘Papa’ again. If so, what does Brenner have planned for when Eleven is back in his grasp?


Is Creel House the original link to the Upside Down?

With its flickering lights and eerie noises, the Creel House clearly has some sort of link to the Upside Down– and since it’s now the oldest known connection, there’s a chance it could be the original. After three seasons of battling creatures from the other dimension, it’s also about time the Upside Down is given some sort of backstory. Perhaps whatever happened at the Creel House will finally explain how it became possible to open gates between the two dimensions. After all, the house’s link to the Upside Down could have been the reason the father, Victor Creel, went insane. Was he the one who opened the first gate?


How do the kids know about Creel House?

In the ‘Creel House’ teaser, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink), Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery), and Robin (Maya Hawke) are seen breaking into Creel House to look for clues. It’s clear they know the house has some relation to the Upside Down as it’s doubtful they would go there simply to investigate murders that happened years before they were born. How did they realize the house had a potential link to the Upside Down? And why is the house only relevant now?


How did Hopper end up in Russia?

Although we never saw his body, the goodbye letter Hopper (David Harbour) left for Eleven seemed to seal the deal on his death. But the first teaser Netflix released for Season 4, ‘From Russia, with love,’ proved otherwise. Hopper is in fact alive, but he’s across the world in Russia. The blast from the destroyed gate machine killed everyone else in the room, so how did Hopper manage to survive? And how did he get from the depths of Starcourt Mall to the snowy wastelands of Russia?


Is Brenner still conducting experiments on children?

The Rainbow Room returns in the ‘Eleven, Are You Listening’ teaser. This playroom was where Eleven spent a lot of her childhood as it was where Brenner often kept the children he was experimenting on. A number of unknown children are shown playing in the room, which can mean one of two things: either the scenes are flashbacks from the days of Hawkins Lab or Brenner is back to his experiments with children. Either way, it’s clear there are more numbers out there like Eleven and her ‘sister’ from Season 2, Kali (aka Eight). How many numbers are there and will we get to see more of them?


Who sent Joyce the doll?

In the ‘Welcome to California’ teaser, Joyce (Winona Ryder) is seen opening up a package that contains an old doll. No clues were given as to why it was sent to her, but another teaser may hold the answer as to where it came from. One clip in the ‘Creel House’ teaser shows the young daughter of the Creels walking down her front steps, on which are a number of dolls that look incredibly similar to the one Joyce is holding. Could the doll have come from Creel House? And if so, who sent it and why?


Are Eleven and Mike still together?

Eleven and the Byers’ relocation to the West Coast was a shocking end to Season 3 and left us wondering how Eleven and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) would deal with long distance. However, their relationship seems to be as strong as ever as indicated by Eleven’s letter to Mike in the ‘Welcome to California’ teaser. They’ve had some relationship troubles in the past, though, with Eleven going so far as to dump him. Will the two stay together or will the stress of long distance eventually cause a rift between them?


How are Eleven and Joyce coping with the "death" of Hopper?

Hopper’s “death” at the end of Season 3 had a massive impact on all the characters, but no one more than Eleven and Joyce. After Hopper took Eleven in, he quickly became a father to her and was really the only family she ever had. After already losing her mother Jane to insanity, Eleven experienced the loss of a second parent — this time, though, the parent was one she knew and loved.

Since the death of her boyfriend Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Joyce has struggled with moving forward. She even turned down Hopper on multiple occasions despite clearly having some hidden feelings. Losing a second person she loves can only cause her more grief. How will this trauma impact her and Eleven as they try to continue on with their lives in California?