The 7 Most Heartwarming Moments of ‘Stranger Things’ So Far

Stranger Things Eleven

After gaining vast popularity almost immediately after its premiere, it’s no question that Stranger Things is a series full of twists or turns.

This past week, it was nominated for eight Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series. (Tune in on September 20 to see if it takes home any.) Fans love the show for a variety of reasons: the rich plot line, the lovable characters, or the ’80s vibe. But, there’s one thing that all viewers can agree on: it will warm your heart.

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The actors charm the viewers into rooting for their characters as they navigate a not-so-ordinary life in a small town. When relationships, teenage drama, and an alternate universe are all on the plate, it’s almost impossible not to encounter some emotional life lessons that are sure to have you grinning at the TV screen. The characters will bring you along on the rollercoaster that is their crazy lives. What better way to pass the time while we wait for more episodes from the addicting series than to relive some of the best memories in Hawkins, Indiana?

Scroll down for some of the stand-out moments that will make you go, “aww.”

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Steve and Dustin's interactions

This completely unlikely duo, though not related, are the definition of “brother goals.” The high school jock finds a connection with the middle school science geek and takes him under his wing. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) even asks Steve (Joe Keery) for flirting advice, and Steve, who has been around the block with charming girls, gives him all of the information he needs, along with some grooming tips. Fans latched on to this adorable relationship and instantly recognized the special bond between the two.

Stranger Things, Bob
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Bob's sacrifice to save Joyce, Will & Mike

All along, it was clear that Bob (Sean Astin) was exactly who Joyce (Winona Ryder) and her children needed. His kindness was overflowing, and he genuinely cared for all of them. When he becomes locked in the Hawkins lab alongside Joyce, Will (Noah Schnapp), and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), he gives everything he has to ensure a safe escape for the other three, and it ends up costing him his life when Demodogs eat him alive. While, of course, Bob’s death was extremely heartbreaking, his act of bravery and pure generosity for others, whom he had only known for a short time, was truly inspiring.

Stranger Things, Dustin, Nancy
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Nancy asked Dustin to dance

It’s no wonder that Dustin is the common denominator in many of these heartwarming scenes. His sparkling smile, sweet soul, and trouble gaining the interest of girls gain sympathy and support from audiences. So, when the school dance comes around, and nobody wants to dance with him, it’s almost enough to make anyone with a heart want to shed a tear for the poor guy. But, when Mike’s older sister, Nancy (Natalia Dyer), who is known as one of the most beautiful girls in the whole school, asks Dustin to dance with her, the joy on his face is absolutely priceless.

Stranger Things, Robin

Robin came out to Steve

Season 3 brought one of the most intricate characters on the show, Robin (Maya Hawke). After being seemingly closed-off and emotionless to every other character who crosses paths with her, it was a whirlwind of emotions to watch her reveal to Steve that she is gay. It felt as if we were waiting for a breakthrough of vulnerability for her, and that was the moment where she finally opened up. Even more special was Steve’s reaction, because he supported her and remained there for her.

Stranger Things, Billy

Billy’s heart-wrenching sacrifice

Since his introduction, Billy (Dacre Montgomery) certainly did not start off on the best foot. His morals were questionable, and it seemed almost impossible to connect with him. Eventually, his problematic upbringing was revealed, and he gained a bit more sympathy from those who were originally hesitant about him. However, he managed to be highly regarded as one of the most selfless characters in the show by the end of Season 3, as he dies at the hand of the Mind Flayer to save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). His unexpected kindness immediately changed everyone’s perspective on him, and he will forever be regarded as a hero.

Stranger Things, Eleven, Hopper

Hopper officially became Eleven’s adoptive father

Watching Hopper (David Harbour) foster a relationship with Eleven was so touching that it almost felt like she really was his own. So, when he finally decided to adopt Eleven, it solidified their bond and made Eleven feel more accepted than ever. Viewers were overjoyed to see Eleven happy and at home, as she had been singled out and objectified for far too long. Their loving father-daughter relationship is incredible to watch.

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Mike and Eleven’s first kiss

As soon as the boys met Eleven for the first time, there was a noticeable spark between her and Mike. They immediately became one of the most shipped couples on the show. As time went on, Mike continued to care for Eleven more than anyone else, and they started spending more time alone. So, when the two finally had their first kiss while hiding at the school, hearts across America burst with joy. Nothing on the show is more heartwarming than seeing Eleven happy.