The 7 Most Heartwarming Moments of 'Stranger Things' So Far

Kate Monger
Stranger Things, Eleven

After gaining vast popularity almost immediately after its premiere, it’s no question that Stranger Things is a series full of twists or turns.

This past week, it was nominated for eight Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series. (Tune in on September 20 to see if it takes home any.) Fans love the show for a variety of reasons: the rich plot line, the lovable characters, or the ’80s vibe. But, there’s one thing that all viewers can agree on: it will warm your heart.

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The actors charm the viewers into rooting for their characters as they navigate a not-so-ordinary life in a small town. When relationships, teenage drama, and an alternate universe are all on the plate, it’s almost impossible not to encounter some emotional life lessons that are sure to have you grinning at the TV screen. The characters will bring you along on the rollercoaster that is their crazy lives. What better way to pass the time while we wait for more episodes from the addicting series than to relive some of the best memories in Hawkins, Indiana?

Scroll down for some of the stand-out moments that will make you go, “aww.”

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