‘SEAL Team’: 9 Burning Questions for the 2022 Return on Paramount+

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team

There’s good news, and there’s bad news after the latest SEAL Team. The good news is that it didn’t end on a major cliffhanger (rather, a major blowout). The bad news is that it’s the last new episodes of 2021, with the next set to be released on Paramount+ on January 2.

In Season 5, Episode 10 “Head On,” Bravo was given a different assignment, an Omega op that was volunteer-only and they were told could last between one and six months in South America. They were operating outside traditional structures and not technically working for the DOD or recognized by the CIA. They were given complete autonomy to execute the missions, with no oversight, no backup, no footprint, and no protection. They had limited communication back home, are on their own, and have no cavalry — no exceptions.

Once in South America, they found out they were to dismantle Venezuela’s nuclear weapons program, by capturing or killing one of Dr. Jin’s — the scientist who defected from North Korea — students. He was key to the program. From the beginning, Clay (Max Thieriot), who was only there to keep an eye on Jason (David Boreanaz) with his recent memory problems, pushed back against his team leader. The op, of course, didn’t go as planned, but they did improvise and kill the man (though Clay kept arguing that capturing would be better, to see if he could shine a light on the program). And then things got… messy.

As we wait for SEAL Team‘s return, we’re taking a look at the questions we have after the first 10 episodes of Season 5.

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David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes, Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team

What Will It Take for Jason & Clay to Come Back From That Fight?

After Clay once again commented that they should’ve captured their target when more information surfaced about the nuclear program, Jason followed him out of the room. Clay claimed he was keeping the team safe, while Jason called him out on leaving behind his baby in the NICU, fighting for his life. “I am here protecting Bravo from you!” Clay exclaimed (after Jason’s memory problems led to a building coming down on the team). “Your head is not right and it hasn’t been for months.” Rather than face the truth about what he’s going through, Jason warned Clay about coming after his job and threatening his team leader again. The two have gone head-to-head before, but what’s it going to take to fix things after that fight?

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team

When Will Jason Face the Truth About His Breacher Syndrome?

A doctor told Jason about his breacher syndrome while the entire team was in the hospital in “Conspicuous Gallantry,” but Bravo 1 has yet to face what the trauma he’s suffered — that has manifested in headaches and memory problems — truly means for his future. It’s been heartbreaking to watch (especially as he tried to remember what items were in his refrigerator), and it’s likely going to get (much) worse before it gets better.

Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team

Will Clay Clue Ray in on What's Going on With Jason?

Right now, Clay is the only one who seems to pick up on exactly what’s going on with Jason. And let’s be honest: If anyone needs to be clued in on this, it’s Ray (Neil Brown Jr.). So what’s it going to take for Clay to open up to him about everything.

Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis, David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes, AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn, and Justin Melnick as Brock Reynolds in SEAL Team

What's Next in the Omega Op?

After taking out their target, Davis (Toni Trucks) reported that the two men they’d seen with him were Iranian nationals who were top-tier leadership in the Iranian nuclear program. They wouldn’t waste their time on a pipe dream, meaning that the Venezuelan program is real — and their op isn’t over yet.

Alona Tal as Stella Baxter and Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team
Erik Voake/CBS

How's Clay and Stella's Baby Doing?

When Clay left on the op, his and Stella’s (Alona Tal) baby was still in the NICU. Will he be home by the time Clay returns? With limited communication with family, how much will he be updated on his son’s health? And what will they name their son?

Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis and Judd Lormand as Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn in SEAL Team

How Worried Should Davis Be About Her Career?

Davis’ paper may have stood up for the warfighters but didn’t sit right with command, and as Blackburn (Judd Lormand) pointed out, “the damage to your career has begun.” Sure, she may have been included on the Omega op, but while he argued for her, he wasn’t sure if command just saw it as an opportunity to send her into a hole for a few months. What will this mean for her career going forward?

Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry in SEAL Team

Will Ray & Naima Move Forward With their Center?

Ray and his wife Naima (Parisa Fakhri) have been planning to use their combined skills to help vets, but they’ve had to hit the pause button with the Omega op. And she couldn’t help but wonder if this was truly a passion project for him or a distraction following someone going to command about his work on an op. (He’d worried one of Bravo may have said something after he told them about his PTSD, but it wasn’t anyone from the team, and he’s been cleared.)

Jessica Paré as Mandy Ellis and David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team
Erik Voake/CBS

When Will Jason See Mandy Again?

After finding Mandy (Jessica Paré), who’d been captured as part of the three-episode arc that bridged SEAL Team‘s CBS and Paramount+ episodes, she and Jason have fallen into a casual relationship, in hotel rooms. But in Episode 9 “Close to Home,” rather than open up to her, he claimed he had “a lot on my plate,” explaining, “it’s on me, I don’t want you to have to pay for it.” She suggested they don’t book the room for a while if that was the case, and he agreed, letting her leave. What will bring Mandy back into Jason’s orbit? Will he reach out? Will it be an op like last time?

AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn and Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis in SEAL Team
Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Is SEAL Team Setting up a Sonny-Davis Reunion?

Though Sonny (AJ Buckley) tried to make a relationship work with Hannah (Rachel Boston), both knew that it wasn’t meant to be. As he prepared to leave on the op she called him out on the sparks she’s seeing between him and Davis and the fact that they’re not in love with each other. Their daughter “deserves better than just a family playing make believe. And you and I do, too,” Hannah said before returning to Texas. With the reminder of those sparks between Sonny and Davis, is it just a matter of time before they reunite, hopefully for good this time?