9 Reasons We’re Grateful for ‘SEAL Team’ Season 5 — and Its Move to Paramount+

Neil Brown Jr. as Ray, David Boreanaz as Jason in SEAL Team

If you haven’t been staying up to date on SEAL Team, whether because there’s just too much on or you don’t subscribe to Paramount+ so you couldn’t follow after the move from CBS, you’re missing out because it’s having probably its best season yet.

The military drama aired its first four episodes, including the first of a three-parter, on CBS before moving over to the streaming service. It was during that arc that Bravo 1, Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), found out that Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré), who supposedly left the agency last season, was in trouble. That opened the door for something that some fans had been waiting years for once they returned home. And that’s just one of the highlights of Season 5 so far.

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Scroll down as we take a look at the reasons we’re grateful for SEAL Team right now, both for what we’re seeing in Season 5 and for what we’ve gotten with the move to Paramount+.

SEAL Team, Sundays, Paramount+

Max Thieriot as Clay, Neil Brown Jr. as Ray, David Boreanaz as Jason in SEAL Team

They Can Use Situation-Appropriate Language

Has SEAL Team managed just fine without one of the characters dropping a “f**k” at times when it would be appropriate? Yes. But at the same time, we can’t help but be happy that when they realize things are going horribly wrong — like on the train in the first Paramount+ episode — they can.

The Cast of SEAL Team

It's Still the Same SEAL Team

The series hasn’t missed a step in the transition. Every episode still feels the same as the ones from its time on CBS, and the content hasn’t suddenly changed (such as by becoming more violent) just because it’s on a streamer now.

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team

Jason's Trauma

Jason’s headaches have become significantly worse in Season 5, with Bravo 1 suffering memory loss and making questionable calls. And in the latest episode, “Conspicuous Gallantry,” that almost cost him his entire team, as Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) uncovered while investigating just what happened when a building came down on them — and couldn’t have been caused by an RPG from the enemy. Rather than sweeping it under the rug, we’re seeing it go to new, dangerous levels and it’s likely leading to quite the explosive confrontation between Jason and Clay.

Toni Trucks, AJ Buckley, Neil Brown Jr, David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot in SEAL Team
Michael Greenberg/CBS

A Couple of the Series' Best Episodes

In the first episodes on CBS and then on Paramount+, SEAL Team delivered a couple of the best from its run so far. Episode 3, “Nine Ten,” honored 9/11 while telling the origin stories of the members of Bravo, with some stellar casting for the young versions in the flashback making it all the more poignant. And then the aforementioned “Conspicuous Gallantry” may have seen Bravo recovering from their injuries but it included the action the series is known for with flashbacks to the incident, pushed Jason’s story forward, and featured great moments between team members (especially as they had some fun while competing in their games).

Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry in SEAL Team

Ray's PTSD

At the end of Season 4, Jason convinced Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) to get help for his PTSD following his experience when he was captured and tortured. And we’re seeing Ray use what he’s learned in therapy throughout this season, including while stuck in a bunker overseas on a mission that went sideways. He may have to be concerned about who spoke with the higher-ups — he told his teammates to voice any concerns, but it doesn’t seem like any of them did — but this storyline is just one of several SEAL Team has done to call attention to a serious topic.

David Boreanaz as Jason, Neil Brown Jr. as Ray in SEAL Team
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Jason's Finding a Balance

We’re actually seeing Jason Hayes and Bravo 1 coexisting in Season 5 — and it’s definitely been one of the highlights. Part of that includes his new relationship with Mandy … once they take it out of hotel rooms, that is.

Alona Tal as Stella, Max Thieriot as Clay in SEAL Team

Clay & Stella's Steps Forward

Not only did Clay and Stella (Alona Tal) get engaged and married last season, but they’re also having a baby, and he may not think so, but we think he’s doing just fine emulating Ray away from the team. Plus, he, too, is finding a balance, also looking after Bravo — and Jason in particular, with his latest memory problems.

Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis in SEAL Team

Davis Pulled in 2 Directions?

In Season 5, Davis (Toni Trucks) is still working with Bravo but has also been busy with a DoD fellowship (and one of the men in it with her). But she may be running into a bit of a problem with her latest paper, one that is about standing up for and protecting their warfighters but won’t be taken too kindly by her higher-ups, as Blackburn (Judd Lormand) warned her. It seems like she might have a decision to make, and as we’ve seen in the past, she does what’s right, not necessarily what’s best for her career.

AJ Buckley as Sonny, Rachel Boston as Hannah in SEAL Team

Sonny as a Dad

One of the biggest surprises of SEAL Team in general might be how Sonny’s (A.J. Buckley) taken to being a father and his push to have his daughter around full-time, even if we’re not quite sure that he and Hannah (Rachel Boston) will be going the distance. Still, Sonny has grown so much in such a short period of time — remember how messy he got last season? — and we love to see it.