Kiefer Sutherland Goes Down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ — Paramount+ Series Sets Premiere Date (PHOTOS)

Kiefer Sutherland in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman/Paramount+

“Deception is reality,” according to the teaser for Rabbit Hole.

Paramount+ has announced that its new thriller, starring Kiefer Sutherland, will premiere on Sunday, March 26, with the first two episodes. The rest of the eight-episode season will roll out weekly on Sundays.

In Rabbit Hole, “nothing is what it seems when John Weir (Sutherland), a master of deception in the world of corporate espionage, is framed for murder by powerful forces with the ability to influence and control populations,” the streaming service teases.

Joining Sutherland in the cast are Charles Dance as Dr. Ben Wilson, Meta Golding as Hailey Winton, Enid Graham as Josephine “Jo” Madi, Jason Butler Harner as Valence, Walt Klink as The Intern, and Rob Yang as Edward Homm. You can see most of them in the photos Paramount+ has released, below.

Sutherland also executive produces alongside writer-directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, Charlie Gogolak, Suzan Bymel, and Hunt Baldwin.

“Kiefer Sutherland and powerful, heart-pounding dramas go hand in hand,” Julie McNamara, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, Paramount+, said in a statement when the star’s casting was announced in May 2021. “We’re thrilled to have him and master storytellers John Requa and Glenn Ficarra at the helm, taking us on a very personal ride to uncover the truth.”

Scroll down to check out photos of Sutherland and more as well as the key art.

Rabbit Hole, Series Premiere (two episodes), Sunday, March 26, Paramount+

Kiefer Sutherland as John Weir in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Kiefer Sutherland as John Weir

Charles Dance as Ben Wilson in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Charles Dance as Ben Wilson

Meta Golding as Hailey Winton and Enid Graham as Jo Madi in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Meta Golding as Hailey Winton and Enid Graham as Jo Madi

Rob Yang in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman /Paramount+

Rob Yang as Edward Homm

Kiefer Sutherland and Meta Golding in 'Rabbit Hole'
Marni Grossman/Paramount+

John Weir and Hailey Winton

'Rabbit Hole' Poster