8 Reasons We Can't Wait for 'Pose' to Return for Season 3

Nick Massenburg-Abraham
Pose Season 3 Reasons to Watch
Michael Parmelee/FX

FX’s recent “Pose-A-Thon” has us longing even more for its return for Season 3. 

The live streamed panel in support of PRIDE was co-hosted by Pose leads Billy Porter and Mj Rodriguez and brought together the show’s cast and crew to share “stories, songs, and support of LGBTQ+ education, social change for sexual and gender minority people of color and transgender equality through legal services and policy efforts.” 

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Seeing the cast together in such a powerful light brought back the warmth of watching them all on our screens, creating the magic that has led Pose to its immense critical acclaim and groundbreaking success for LGBTQ+ representation in the mainstream. And the event left us wanting and ready to dive back into this amazing series with its incredible performances, spectacle and conscious storylines, but with production halted, that may not happen for some time. 

Luckily, the first two seasons are available on Netflix for repeat binges. But nothing beats a fresh horizon and new ideas for a show of this caliber. Scroll down to find out the reasons why we're so ready to take the next step in Pose's amazing story.