Hallmark Brings Unexpected Holiday Romance With 'Picture a Perfect Christmas' (PHOTOS)

Rick and Christina Gables

A successful photographer on the fast track finds unexpected romance and the family she has been craving, in Picture a Perfect Christmas, a new original movie premiering Saturday, November 9 on Hallmark Channel.

Sophie Griffith’s (Merritt Patterson) photography career is really taking off, yet she cannot seem to find the same kind of success and fulfillment in her personal life. While visiting her grandmother in Bainbridge Island in Seattle’s Elliott Bay, Sophie agrees to be a temporary nanny to the nine-year-old boy living next door and discovers unlikely romance with the orphan’s uncle-guardian.

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Realizing that David Murphy (Jon Cor) just might be what’s missing in her life, Sophie must come to terms with her current boyfriend, the biggest assignment of her career, and decide whether she is ready to put her heart on the line.

Picture a Perfect Christmas, Premiere, Saturday, November 9, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel