Person of Interest: The Many Disguises of Amy Acker's Root (PHOTOS)

Mike Flaherty

"I've been lucky in my career that I’ve gotten to play many interesting roles," says the chameleonic Amy Acker. On past seasons of Person of Interest, her tech genius-cum-superhero Samantha Groves, aka Root, has masqueraded as a psychiatrist, a psych-ward patient, a CIA handler, and an FBI agent, to name just a few. In Season 4, Root’s repertoire expanded further as she found creative ways to fly under Samaritan’s radar. "They'e all been such fun parts," Acker says. "Sometimes I’ll read the script and think, 'Wow, I get to do that?'" Before Person of Interest returns for a (possibly final) Season 5 on CBS, take a look back at some of Amy Acker's more unforgettable disguises.

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