You Probably Haven't Heard of Many of Netflix's Most-Binged Series

Dan Clarendon

Never mind ratings — a TV show’s success could be measured by how many viewers want to watch the next episode straightaway.

To that end, Netflix released a list of its most-binged series of 2018 in a report cheekily titled “To All The Shows and Movies We've Loved Before.” These aren’t necessarily the streaming service’s most popular series — just the ones “with the highest average watch time per viewing session” based on US viewing data, the company clarifies.

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You’re undoubtedly familiar with grim high school drama 13 Reasons Why, the second season of which ranks #3 on the list, and with prison dramedy Orange Is the New Black, the sixth season of which comes in at #10. And chances are, you’ve been scared by (or too scared to watch) the horror series The Haunting of Hill House, which hits the list at #7. But have you heard of the rest?

Click through the gallery above for a primer on those shows, ranked by binged-ness.