Relive Bishop & Torres’ Tiva-esque Journey With These 9 ‘NCIS’ Episodes

NCIS Bishop Torres Episodes Ellick
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NCIS fans have already sat through one seasons-long will they/won’t they relationship on Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team, and they’re currently in the middle of another one (which fortunately hasn’t been going on nearly as long).

But the relationship between Agents Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) does feel a bit similar to Tiva’s — Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) — at times. They’ve gone undercover, they’ve been jealous, and they’ve been on opposites sides of investigations.

Before Episode 400 — Previous 'NCIS' Milestones, RankedSee Also

Before Episode 400 — Previous 'NCIS' Milestones, Ranked

The next milestone will air in Season 18 and focus on Gibbs and Ducky.

“They’ve become very close and very dependent upon each other, and our show has a history of playing with relationships like that,” executive producer Frank Cardea noted of Bishop and Torres. “There’s certainly the Tiva relationship for so many years that the audience has seemed to enjoy, and they seem to enjoy this relationship now. We will pursue that. We’ll keep looking at that.”

As we wait to see what’s next for them in Season 18, we’re taking a look back at their most significant episodes below.

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NCIS Bishop Torres High Tide Undercover Couple
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"High Tide" (Season 15, Episode 11)

Every will they/won’t they couple in a procedural needs an episode in which they must go undercover as a couple. It was no “Under Covers,” in which FBI agents wondered just how far Tony and Ziva went for the op, but this one did have Bishop and Torres critiquing the other’s kissing and significant looks from both.

NCIS Bishop Torres Sight Unseen Jealous Annie

"Sight Unseen" (Season 15, Episode 20)

Cue the jealousy! When Torres and a witness, Annie (Marilee Talkington), ran into Bishop and McGee (Sean Murray) at the diner after the case, they turned down the invitation to join them. And it was McGee who informed his colleague that Torres wanted his meal to be a date. That clearly bugged Bishop as she watched him laughing with Annie.

NCIS Bishop Torres Toil and Trouble Cancel Date
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"Toil and Trouble" (Season 16, Episode 11)

It was Torres’ turn to be jealous as Bishop planned a fifth date … only for him to cancel it with Boyd. At the end of the episode, she asked him why, but he couldn’t give her an answer or a reason for what he called a “mistake.” (That was likely because it was just much too early in their dance for either to acknowledge their possible feelings.)

NCIS Bishop Torres Mona Lisa Murder Accusation

"Mona Lisa" (Season 16, Episode 18)

After Torres woke up with no memory of the night before, the team investigated a murder — and Bishop questioned if it’s possible he was responsible. (He’d been roofied.) She tried to talk to him after the case was solved (and murderer found), but he brushed her off. It was painful — especially when he denied that he would’ve taken the same stance if the situation had been reversed.

NCIS Bishop Torres In the Wind Ziva Advice

"Into the Light" & "In the Wind" (Season 17, Episodes 2 and 11)

“Don’t be a wuss. Tell her how you feel,” Ziva advised when she worked with the team at the beginning of the season, and she certainly caught Torres off guard. And before she left in her last appearance, she repeated those words (above). If anyone knows anything about falling for a partner while on Gibbs’ team — and not waiting too long — it’s Ziva.

NCIS Bishop Torres Wide Awake Letter

"Wide Awake" (Season 17, Episode 5)

While under hypnosis (by Laura San Giacomo’s Dr. Grace Confalone), Torres did a few things he normally wouldn’t: sing Beyoncé, eat an apple fritter, and write Bishop a letter full of “personal stuff” that was “very touching.” That’s not to mention the “common texting shorthand” — “gnsdily,” meaning, “good night, sweet dreams, I love you” — they both knew and felt the need to explain.

NCIS Bishop Torres No Vacancy Double Date
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"No Vacancy" (Season 17, Episode 7)

Cue the cliché double date, as Bishop went on a date with Torres’ girlfriend’s son … and the four ended up dining together. But as the photo above shows, the agents were the ones who looked like they were on a date. What followed was quite a bit of denial from both and even that dreaded “you’re like a sister to me” from Torres to Bishop. Both spent the episode lying to everyone, each other, and themselves about their real feelings.

NCIS Bishop Torres On Fire Hospital Car Accident

"On Fire" (Season 17, Episode 14)

While out on a morning jog, Torres pushed Bishop out of the path of a car heading right for them and ended up in critical condition as a result. Not only did the two share a moment in his hospital room near the end, it was left open-ended who (maybe Bishop) killed the person who had targeted Torres and tried to take him out.