‘Ghosts’: 7 Questions We Need Answered in Season 3

'Ghosts' Questions We Need Answered in Season 3
Spoiler Alert

[Spoiler Alert: The below contains spoilers from Ghosts Season 2.]

Ghosts has concluded its Season 2 run on CBS and while fans await the previously-ordered third season, we’re raising a few questions we’d like to see answered when the show eventually returns.

Viewers who tuned into the finale episode, “The Heir,” will recall that a lot happened in the final minutes leading up to a major cliffhanger. Below, we’re breaking down some of the questions we’d like to see answered when it comes to Sam (Rose McIver), Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), and the spirits presiding in their home returning for Season 3. Beware of spoilers ahead.

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Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Who Got "Sucked Off"?

In the last scene from the Season 2 finale, Sam and Jay were sitting in their car in front of Woodstone when she suddenly saw the beam implying someone is passing onto their next life beyond the earthly plane. But who could it be? We’re dying to know if one of our favorites is behind the exit, or perhaps it’s an unlikely spirit, like one of the basement ghosts or attic-dwelling teen Stephanie (Odessa A’zion). Only time will tell, but let the speculation abound.

Danielle Pinnock and Rebecca Wisocky in 'Ghosts' Season 2

Is All Solved Between Hetty & Alberta?

After learning that Hetty’s (Rebecca Wisocky) son was responsible for murdering her, Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) was understandably upset that her friend lied to her for a hundred years. While she sought punishment for Hetty in the finale, she decided against it because she didn’t want to miss out on friend time. But will the reality of Hetty’s betrayal shift their friend dynamic moving forward? It seems possible.

Brandon Scott Jones and John Hartman in 'Ghosts' Season 2

Will There Be a Ghost Wedding?

Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) and Nigel (John Hartman) became engaged, taking their relationship to a new level in the afterlife. If they’re taking this major leap, does that mean we’ll get to see a ghost wedding? We can only hope.

Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Are We Going to See More of Sam & Jay's Families?

Viewers have met Sam’s mom and uncle through her ability to see ghosts, and Jay’s sister has played a recurring role in the show, but surely there are more members to their family that we have yet to meet. It would be nice to see them unite under Woodstone’s roof.

Richie Moriarty and Danielle Pinnock in 'Ghosts' Season 2
Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

What Other Relationships Are on the Horizon?

There were some serious relationship moments in Season 2 including a surprising twist in Hetty and Trevor’s (Asher Grodman) dynamic, but will there be more romance in Season 3? Perhaps there’s hope for Alberta and Pete (Richie Moriarty) who have yet to take that extra step after she rejected him earlier in Season 2. Perhaps there’s room for romance now that her murder has been solved.

Alex Boniello as Crash in 'Ghosts' Season 2

Will We See Crash Again?

Certainly annoying to the other ghosts, we can’t help but wonder if we’ve seen the last of Woodstone’s headless ghost Crash (Alex Boniello) or if his head will be found and reunited with his body after Flower (Sheila Carrasco) threw it out the window this season.

The cast of 'Ghosts' Season 2

What New Ghosts Will We Encounter?

Season 2 uncovered the reality of a car ghost, what other kinds of ghosts could there be? Bus ghosts? Airplane ghosts? It feels like the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities, but we’re curious to see what the writers will cook up.