7 Things to Remember Before Watching ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2


Emily in Paris returns for Season 2 just in time to be the perfect Christmas gift from Netflix (Wednesday, December 22). And considering how complicated Emily’s (Lily Collins) personal and professional lives got, we figured we’d help you out.

The Season 2 trailer teases wild romances, complicated friendships, and, of course, bold fashion. The new episodes pick up right where we left everyone. Emily and Sylvie’s (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) continued love-hate relationship will surely keep Savoir interesting, while the love triangle between Emily, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and Camille (Camille Razat) promises to only get more complicated. Other arcs, such as Mindy’s (Ashley Park) new career path, are just beginning. 

Scroll down to catch up on everything you need to remember about Season 1.

Emily in Paris, Season 2, Wednesday, December 22, Netflix


Camille and Gabriel Broke Up

Camille and Gabriel’s relationship slowly crumbled throughout Season 1, leading to their eventual breakup in the finale. Gabriel’s attraction towards Emily wasn’t the only factor in the failing relationship; his rejection of the loan from Camille’s mother proved he wasn’t certain he and Camille would stay together. It was his sudden decision to move to Normandy, though, that brought about the final breaking point. The two split ways — and from the fight Emily saw, it didn’t seem very amicable.


Emily Finally Confessed

Emily’s attraction towards Gabriel has been clear since the moment she met him, but his relationship with Camille prevented her from acting on her feelings. In the Season 1 finale, Emily found out the two had called it quits after Gabriel announced he was leaving to start his own restaurant in Normandy. Not wanting to miss her chance to tell Gabriel how she felt, Emily went to see him one last time and the two finally acted on their feelings.


Emily's Decision About Gabriel

Despite giving in to her feelings for Gabriel, Emily told him they couldn’t be together. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her friendship with Camille. Even though Gabriel and Camille split, Emily knew it would hurt her friend if the two started dating — and it would be difficult to explain why they got together so soon after the breakup. However, the Season 2 trailer teases that Emily may not be able to stay away from Gabriel for long.


New Roommates

Mindy’s decision to finally chase her dream of singing came with a few complications. The parents of the children she nannied fired her, and as a result, she showed up on Emily’s doorstep with everything she owned. While the two had already bonded, sharing Emily’s smaller apartment will surely only bring them closer.


Vacation Plans in Saint-Tropez

While trying to avoid her feelings for Gabriel, Emily had a few flings in Season 1. Mathieu Cadault (Charles Martins), the son of one of Savoir’s clients Pierre Cadault, seemed to pull her away from the ever-complicated love triangle, especially with his offer to take her away on vacation to Saint-Tropez. However, while he was booking the trip, Emily was spending the night with Gabriel. 

In the Season 2 trailer, Emily is seen spending time in Saint-Tropez — but not with Mathieu. The surprise appearance of Mindy and Camille suggests Emily’s potential relationship with Mathieu may be on the rocks.


Emily Was Fired — But Then Rehired

The bad publicity that came from an event Emily planned for Pierre Cadault led to her termination from Savoir. Sylvie seemed adamant in her decision to fire Emily, but quickly backtracked once the American came up with a brilliant idea on how to save the fashion designer’s reputation. It’s clear Sylvie was impressed by Emily (though she doesn’t overtly show it) by her retraction of Emily’s termination. Perhaps Sylvie will start to warm up to Emily going forward, even if only slightly.


Camille’s Text Messages

Season 1 ended with Emily receiving a couple texts from Camille. The first explained that Gabriel had already told her about his decision to stay in Paris and the second asked Emily if the two could talk. Likely she needs someone to talk to about her relationship with Gabriel, as she could be unsure where she and her ex stand now that he’s staying. It seems as though Emily may finally have to tell Camille what’s been going on between her and Gabriel. As the trailer suggests, Camille may be more suspicious of Gabriel’s reason for staying than she let on in her messages.