Colin Donnell & Jon Seda’s Best ‘One Chicago’ Moments Following Their Exits

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Chicago Med Connor train

Connor’s First Day

In the series premiere, “Derailed,” Connor’s commute to work takes a turn. He leaps into action during an accident on his train, and he even treats his own injuries once he arrives at the hospital.

Chicago Med Connor Downey ashes

Connor’s Goodbye to Downey

Connor’s first mentor was Dr. Downey (Gregg Henry), but in the Season 1 finale, he died from liver cancer. As a doctor, Downey knew what was coming for him, and he told Connor he’d rather not go through it.

As the Season 1 finale ends, Connor brings Downey’s ashes to Hawaii to say goodbye.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Connor Breaks into Chicago Med

When the hospital goes into lockdown in Season 3 Episode 14 to find a missing baby, Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) needs a cardiothoracic surgeon, so Connor must find a way in — by going through a secret tunnel and breaking in to make it to the ED.

Chicago Med - Season 3
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Connor Saves Conjoined Twins

Connor disagrees with the other doctors on a case involving separating conjoined twins; doing so would kill the one with heart failure. However, he’s able to separate and save both babies.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Connor Creates the Hybrid OR

After losing a patient in transport in the Season 4 premiere, Connor comes up with a solution to keep that from happening again: a hybrid OR in the ED, where he can perform necessary procedures on patients.

Chicago P.D. - Season 6
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Antonio’s Resilience

Chicago P.D. begins with Antonio suffering. First, his partner dies. Then, his son is kidnapped, and he has Voight (Jason Beghe) in his ear offering a darker way of finding him.

The fact that Antonio emerges from the first two episodes of the series and doesn’t go down a similar path as Voight is a sign of who he is.

Chicago P.D. - Season 6
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Antonio Returns to Intelligence

Antonio briefly leaves Chicago P.D. for Chicago Justice, but after the latter is cancelled, he returns to where he belongs and pretty much fits right back in seamlessly.

Chicago P.D. - Season 5
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Antonio Is the Voice of Reason

The Intelligence Unit doesn’t shy away from doing what is necessary to get the job done, but more often than not, Antonio is the one there to remind the others, especially Voight, that they do have to follow the law.

He does that in the Season 6 premiere when he refuses to say he saw something he didn’t when his boss is under fire for what happened to Olinksy’s killer.

Chicago P.D. - Season 6
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Antonio Lashes Out at His Daughter’s Kidnapper

It’s a dark moment, yes, but it’s one that shows that Antonio is just as flawed as the rest of Intelligence.

He reacts in a very human, very non-Antonio (but very Voight) way when he confronts the man who kidnapped his daughter. He pushes him through a window to his death, in a move that results in the rest of the team covering for him.

Chicago P.D. - Season 6
Sandy Morris/NBC

Antonio Gets Clean

Early in Season 6, Antonio becomes addicted to painkillers, leading him to illegally purchase the drugs. This has a dark ending — his daughter is kidnapped — but Antonio comes out the other side, clean and able to return to work.

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Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. are both losing key members of their casts at the end of their current seasons.

Colin Donnell’s Connor Rhodes and Jon Seda’s Antonio Dawson are hanging up their stethoscope and shield, respectively, Deadline reported Friday. Norma Kuhling’s Ava Bekker is leaving as well.

Because Connor and Antonio have been important parts of their shows since the beginning, TV Insider is taking a look back at their best moments. Click through the gallery above to reminisce.

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