7 Things We Need to See in Colin Donnell’s Final ‘Chicago Med’ Episode (PHOTOS)

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Chicago Med - Season 4 - Colin Donnell
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC
Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

The investigation into his father’s death closed

At the end of Season 4, Connor lost his father, only to learn that he died due to an overdose of insulin. Though he suspected Norman Kuhling’s Ava might have been responsible and their final conversation suggested that was the case, nothing was confirmed. We don’t know if Kuhling will be returning, but Donnell’s last episode has to wrap up that mystery. Did Ava kill Cornelius (D.W. Moffett)? Or was it someone else?

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

The future of his career

At the beginning of Season 4, Connor could have left Med for a job at the Mayo Clinic. Instead, he stayed in Chicago and opened up the hybrid operating room in the ED. We’ve had no indication that he has received another offer from anywhere or that he even wanted to leave Med. However, we also can’t see the show pretending that he’s still around and just not on-screen, so we’d like to find out where he’ll be working next. After all, his talents shouldn’t be wasted.

Chicago Med Connor relationships
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Resolution for his love life

In the Season 4 finale, Connor made it clear that there’s not a future for him and Ava. While she thought he was “free” and they could “be together” with his father dead, he told her they were “finished.” There’s no reason to even revisit that possibility, not after how that conversation went, but we don’t know what could come next for him and Robin (Mekia Cox), especially since we don’t know where he might end up.

Chicago Med - Season 2
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One last Connor and Latham scene

The two doctors didn’t get along when Dr. Latham first showed up, but when they have scenes together, those are easily the highlights of an episode. It would be a shame if Ato Essandoh doesn’t appear for Donnell’s final episode, even if we only get a brief conversation between the two walking through the halls of the hospital.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

A final medical save

It doesn’t matter if it happens in the ED, hybrid OR, or the OR. And it doesn’t have to be anything that would necessarily make headlines (like successfully separating conjoined twins), but we need to see Connor saving at least one more patient before he hangs up his scrubs.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

The door open for future appearances

In other words, though we can’t imagine it happening, please don’t kill off Connor.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Acknowledgement of the role he’s played across One Chicago

The great thing about NBC’s Chicago shows is the seamlessness of the mini crossovers. We’ve seen Connor in the field with Fire, and we’ve seen him operating on and saving the lives of firefighters. While it’s hard to imagine there being enough time to include either of those things in his sendoff, perhaps a moment at Molly’s with some of the characters from the other shows might do the job?

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Chicago Med fans thought they said goodbye to Colin Donnell’s Connor Rhodes (albeit, without a proper farewell) in the Season 4 finale, but the good news is he’ll be back for one more episode when the NBC drama returns in the fall.

And there’s quite a bit that the premiere needs to wrap up for his character, at least to give fans the closure they deserve after following him from the beginning of the series’ first episode. Of course, the main question on everyone’s minds: What really happened to his father, and who might have played a role in his death?

But there are other aspects of his life we’d like to see tied up in a bow as well, so click through the gallery above for what we’d like Connor’s final episode to include.

Chicago Med, Season 5 Premiere, Wednesday, September 25, 8/7c, NBC