‘Chicago Med’ Still Has to Write Out Connor & Ava After the Season 4 Finale

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Chicago Med, “With a Brave Heart.”]

Connor (Colin Donnell) and Ava’s (Norma Kuhling) stories on Chicago Med end not with a bang or even with a whimper. In fact, they don’t even really end at all.

Going into the Season 4 finale, fans knew it would be Donnell and Kuhling’s last episodes, so they expected some sort of closure to their characters. They didn’t get that.

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Instead, we’re left with quite the mystery at the end of the finale. After learning he didn’t remember his childhood with his mother correctly in Episode 21, Connor began to wonder if he was imagining other things as well, like Ava possibly cutting herself on purpose in the OR. So, when she tells him she did everything she could for his father, he believes her.

When Nina (Patti Murin) tells him his father died from an overdose of insulin, Connor returns to throwing suspicious glances Ava’s way. When she asks if his father’s cause of death has been determined, he lies and says it hasn’t been.

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But did Ava kill his father? Their last conversation of the episode strongly suggests she might have — and for Connor and their relationship. In the same sentence that she tells him she’s sorry about his loss, she tells Connor “now there’s nothing keeping us apart.” With his father gone, Connor is “free” and they “can be together now.” All they have to do is start over and put everything behind them.

Connor makes it clear that’s not happening. “You and I are way past that,” he says. “We’re finished. That’s it.”

“You ungrateful prick. Rot in hell,” she says before walking out. And that’s all Chicago Med wrote for Connor and Ava.

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What does this mean for those two characters? We’ll likely get a couple lines of dialogue to explain their absences in Season 5, but the finale also features several cliffhangers that need to be resolved in the premiere. Will Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) survive after flying out of Will’s (Nick Gehlfuss) car when Tim Burke crashed into it? Is April (Yaya DaCosta) pregnant? What about Maggie’s (Marlyne Barrett) breast cancer diagnosis?

Now, fans are left wondering if we’ll find out if Ava did or didn’t kill Connor’s father. Whatever happens, we may not find out right away, especially if there isn’t a time jump in the premiere.

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Nina marked his death as suspicious, so there will presumably be an investigation, but it may depend on what Connor does and does not say. If Ava did kill him and that can be proven, will we hear she’s been arrested? If she didn’t, will she have chosen to leave Chicago (or at least Med)? Will Connor decide to leave Chicago or Med after everything?

Or maybe one or both of them will continue to work at Med and we just never see them.

Fans aren’t happy with the way the finale ended for the two doctors.

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