'Brews Brothers': Netflix Reveals First Look at New Half-Hour Comedy (PHOTOS)

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Brews Brothers Season 1
Brews Brothers Alan Aisenberg

Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) gives the hops a whiff.

Brews Brothers Season 1 Chuy

Chuy (Marques Ray) gets into the beer-making process.

Brews Brothers Season 1

Adam (Mike Castle), Wilhelm and Sarah (Carmen Flood) take a closer look at some samples.

Brews Brothers Wilhelm Adam

Brothers Wilhelm and Adam can’t get along.

Brews Brothers Season 1 Sarah

Sarah looks on the bright side of things.

Brews Brothers Season 1 Adam

Adam takes a serious approach.

Brews Brothers Season 1 cast

Cheer abounds in this group shot.

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Netflix has unveiled its first look at the comedy series from brothers Jeff Schaffer (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Greg Schaffer (That '70s Show).

Brews Brothers follows estranged siblings Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) and Adam Rodman (Mike Castle) who run a brewery together. Both considered beer geniuses, they're seen as braumeisters — or brewmasters — but they couldn't be more different when it comes to their brewing techniques and overall personalities.

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When two vastly different individuals collaborate, they typically make two halves of one whole, but in Wilhelm and Adam's case, they don't even make up a full person. Along with Aisenberg and Castle, Brews Brothers also stars Carmen Flood as Sarah and Marques Ray as Chuy.

Serving as showrunner, executive producer and writer, Greg Schaffer works with his brother Jeff, Jonathan Stern, and Keith Quinn who all serve as executive producers on the project. Brews Brothers is a half-hour comedy slated to debut on Friday, April 10 with 8 episodes. Check out the first photos for the series before it arrives this spring on Netflix.

Brews Brothers, Season 1 Premiere, Friday, April 10, Netflix