7 Fan Theories for Arizona and April’s Exits on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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April will die after an accident

Redditor bazingaaa_punk foresees a tragic end to all of April’s binge-drinking this season: “April is drunk and insists she is fine to drive, Arizona gets in the car with her to try and stop her, and they get into an accident where both of them are seriously injured. They get taken to Grey Sloan because, of course, and the season ends like the Season 5 finale where we don’t know if George or Izzie is the one who died. And we don’t find out until next season that April died and Arizona moved to [New York] so Sofia could be near both parents.”

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April will die from suicide

POPSUGAR‘s Ryan Roschke thinks April will take her own life and provides five points of evidence: “1) She’s endured unthinkable heartbreak. 2) She’s entrenched in a depressive episode. 3) She’s lost her faith in God. 4) She’s shutting out her loved ones. 5) [Her death] could bring awareness to a crucial cause.”

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April will pursue new horizons

Redditor risen87 hopes April will live and flourish in her career, writing, “I’d like to see her go through the darkness and get to a place where she feels like her faith is stronger because she’s questioned it. Or that she’s seen a higher purpose to the thing that set off her doubts — and maybe that is her starting the Avery Foundation Maternal Mortality panel. Or maybe it’s her going to MedCom with Teddy. Or maybe it’s her going to join Doctors Without Borders with Matthew. All of those could be good, happy endings.”

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Arizona will leave with Carina

Perhaps Arizona will find a happily-ever-after with Italian fling Carina DeLuca aka Andrew’s sister. “The two have been getting comfy, and it could ultimately lead to Arizona leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to follow her gorgeous girlfriend,” speculates The Post‘s Georgia Davis.

Redditor trustemeIamabiologist envisions this ending, too, saying, “I would love to see her go somewhere with Carina to study the maternal mortality rates. And Sofia could go with!”

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Arizona gets a job offer from Nicole

Remember when Geena Davis graced Grey’s with her Oscar-winning presence in Season 11? Her Dr. Nicole Herman recruited Arizona as a fellow… before undergoing a brain tumor operation that left her blind.

“Arizona’s career really didn’t take off as much as we’d hoped after all her tutoring from the legendary Nicole Herman,” PopBuzz‘s Katie Louise-Smith notes. “The last we heard of Herman, she was at the Blind Institute. What if she’s now teaching or lecturing? Could she offer Arizona a job to further develop her skills as a fetal surgeon?”


Arizona moves to New York City

Arizona and Callie’s daughter, Sofia, has been griping about missing New York City, and Bustle‘s Lindsay Derringer imagines Arizona might wanna keep the co-parenting contained to one coast: “[Alex] can hold down the fort [in Seattle] if Arizona were to want to, say, move across the country for new opportunities and to be closer to her daughter. Sofia loves New York, and Arizona loves Sofia, so moving to the Big Apple (which is a very intense, Arizona-esque town) may be just the ticket.”


Arizona will reunite with Callie

Sara Ramirez doesn’t seem to be interested in returning to Grey’s, but hope springs eternal for Calzona shippers such as the aforementioned Redditor risen87: “I’d like to see Callie come back … possibly as the result of a storyline where Sofia needs both her moms, and they’re pushed back together and reminded of that moment during the shooting where they decided they could do anything as long as they stuck together. Not necessarily realistic, but a nice bone to throw to the LGBTQ+ fans who feel like they’ve taken a hit.”

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The Grey’s Anatomy producers threw fans for a loop in March, announcing the imminent departures of longtime cast members Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew. That means it’s time to say your goodbyes to Drs. Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, though we still don’t know how and exactly when those characters exit the storyline.

Fans have dreamt up some convincing ideas, though many predict a violent end for April. (Grey’s lead Ellen Pompeo did tell Twitter followers this upcoming season finale was “devastating with a side of absurdity.”)

Brace yourselves, fans, and read the fan theories in the gallery above.

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