‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3 Couples: What to Know & What May Be Next

Katherine Eddie A Million Little Things Season 3 Regina Rome
ABC/Jack Rowand (2)

There may have only been four episodes of A Million Little Things Season 3 before the ABC drama went on hiatus until March, but plenty happened in the love lives of the friend group.

There were ups and downs for the two married couples of the group — Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Park) and Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) — pertaining to the fallout of the Season 2 finale. Gary’s (James Roday Rodriguez) new relationship with Darcy (Floriana Lima) is going strong but it’s not without its hiccups. Maggie (Allison Miller) may be finding more than herself in Oxford. Meanwhile, Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) love life can probably best be described as “in limbo.”

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Plus, Maggie and Jamie discuss their night together and Rome makes a decision about his movie.

Scroll down as we recap what’s happened so far in Season 3 for the romances and speculate about what’s to come.

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Katherine Eddie A Million Little Things Season 3
ABC/Jack Rowand

Eddie and Katherine

Where We Left Off: The hits — in the form of a hit-and-run — just keep coming for the couple. Sure, they renew their vows in the premiere, but Eddie, now paralyzed after the Season 2 ending cliffhanger, is switching aspirin and prescribed medication and hiding it from his wife. And after Katherine pushes to talk about the lack of intimacy between them since his accident, they’re ready to move forward in that department.

What Should Be Next: Katherine has to find out what Eddie’s doing with his medication, and hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of him hiding stuff from her. (We haven’t forgotten about his affair with Delilah, even though the show does seem to try to pretend it didn’t happen, even with baby Charlie right there.) Let’s see them deal with this realistically. Plus, we’d like them to continue to support each other: Eddie with Katherine’s job and Katherine with Eddie’s recovery.

Regina Rome A Million Little Things Season 3
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Rome and Regina

Where We Left Off: After a rough start in the premiere — pretty much immediately after the adoption fell through, they receive a call about another baby, but Regina says no — the couple is as strong as ever. They admit to one another how hard it’s been to not be parents (yet) and even reach out to Eve about the baby stuff they had.

What Should Be Next: Rome’s movie, about his and his friends’ lives, is officially taking off — it has a poster and tagline – and their relationship is very much part of it. Let’s continue to see how Rome and Regina are coping with the adoption falling through, them realistically talking about what will come next in terms of becoming parents, and more memories of their past. (They meet at the site of her first date with Gary, which he’d crashed, to talk in Episode 3 of this season.)

Jamie Maggie A Million Little Things Season 3
ABC/Jack Rowand

Maggie and Jamie

Where We Left Off: British Maggie, as she’s calling herself, is embracing life and that also means embracing her roommate, Jamie (Chris Geere). They may not have gotten off to the best start (she broke up his relationship), but they are bonding. And that includes a roommates-with-benefits relationship since neither is interested in anything more than casual at the moment.

What Should Be Next: Honestly, it’s inevitable that Gary and Maggie get back together and she returns to Boston, so let’s just enjoy Maggie and Jamie while it lasts. There’s no reason to have them suddenly fall madly in love and stir up another love triangle, especially as there’s already one going on on Gary’s side, when Maggie and Jamie are so entertaining as friends who just so happen to have (B+) sex occasionally.

Gary Darcy A Million Little Things Season 3
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Gary and Darcy

Where We Left Off: It’s one step forward, staying in place for the newer couple. After seeing how Gary is with Delilah’s kids while he watches over them (she’s in Paris), Darcy decides it’s time he meet her son as her boyfriend. But she can’t talk to him about her PTSD and he turns to the only person he knows who can help: Maggie, a therapist, and also his ex. Not the best move.

What Should Be Next: We expect Gary to say something to Darcy that leads her to realize he’s been talking to a therapist and correctly surmise it’s Maggie. And while there will likely be a “meet the kid” episode for Gary and Liam, there will also likely be cracks in this romance before Maggie returns from Oxford. But Darcy is becoming part of the friend group (she’s already close to Katherine and is Eddie’s physical therapist), so we expect her and Gary’s relationship to last for at least the majority of the season.

Miles Delilah A Million Little Things Season 2

Delilah and Miles

Where We Left Off: Delilah and Miles (Parker Young, who has yet to appear this season), the EMT she met in Season 2, are still together, albeit taking baby steps. She backs out of having him stay over when the kids are out of the house — she’s not ready to have him in the home she shared with her late husband Jon (Ron Livingston) — but he’s still in the picture, even if she’s in another country.

What Should Be Next: If Miles is going to continue to be part of Delilah’s life, A Million Little Things needs to make it clear they’re in communication while she’s in France. And when she comes back, let’s see all the fun, messy, awkward moments that we’d see with a new relationship under these circumstances, including Miles spending time with her kids and the friend group, knowing how important Jon was to all of them.