7 Unforgettable Moments From ’90 Day: The Single Life’ So Far


Although some of our favorite stars from 90 Day Fiancé didn’t necessarily have the “happily ever after” they imagined (cough cough, Season 2’s Danielle and Mohamed), they are back- single and ready to mingle with new love interests on the horizon. 90 Day: The Single Life gives six singles from the world of 90 Day Fiancé a second shot at love. What does this mean for us? Basically just a whole lot more of Big Ed. Hallelujah! Thank you, TLC gods.

So far this season over eight episodes, we have encountered some absolutely crazy moments, from Ed using a paint roller to remove hair from his back to dates so awkward and cringe-worthy that you just can’t look away. Will these six singles get the love stories they deserve, or will their new flings end in despair? Either way, we don’t want to miss a minute of it.

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Ahead of the Season 8 finale, let's catch up with the TLC show's other stars.

Below are seven of the most jaw-dropping moments so far from this season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

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An Unfortunate Double Date (Episode 6)

After getting back together with Vanessa, Colt decides to ask his ex-girlfriend Jess and her new husband to go on a double date — to prove to Vanessa that he has changed his ways. Jess broke up with Colt on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? after finding out that he sent explicit photos to women online, including Vanessa.

After what seems to be one too many drinks, Colt and Jess’ husband Brian get into a fight. Brian yells at Colt and tells him to “Shut the f**k up, motherf***er.” Brian then tells the camera that Colt is “even weirder” than he thought. And well, that’s fair.


Colt Tries To Get Over Vanessa (Episode 2)

After Colt announces that he needs to get over his ex Vanessa, we meet Colt’s date Brittany. (Colt starting seeing long-time friend Vanessa after splitting from his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, from Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé.) Colt suits up for his date in what we can assume to be COVID protection gear — a bandana and latex gloves — and gives Brittany some flowers. Who said chivalry is dead?

Colt tells her in the first few minutes that he has six cats (come on Colt, at least wait until dinner) and Brittany announces that she dabbles in the porn industry — a two-time hall of fame porn star, that is. It doesn’t end up working between them but can Colt just date her so that we can have her on the show? Asking for a friend.


Ed's Manscaping with Mom (Episode 4)

Internet and meme sensation, Big Ed (not so) shockingly did not end up with his fiancé, Rose, from Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. You know, the one he told on national television that her “breath stinks” and she needs to “shave her legs”? Yes, that’s the one.

Well, he’s back and apparently it’s his turn to lose the body hair. While preparing to hang out with his new love interest Liz, he wants to be confident, sexy, and smooth all over. He uses a paint brush and paint roller (yes, you read that right) to rub Nair all over his body, and his mom even gets in on the action by holding up his pony tail while he reaches his back. Who knew you could visit your local Home Depot for the best beauty brushes?


Danielle’s Disastrous Date (Episode 4)

While on a girls trip, one of Danielle’s friends decides to make Danielle a dating profile to get her back out there after her split from Mohamed on Season 2 and sets her up on a blind date. Harmless enough — until she meets Jason. Danielle tries to make conversation with Jason but it doesn’t really go anywhere. A bit of awkward small talk and a few White Claws later, Jason admits that he doesn’t “feel the connection” but they can “be friends.” Well, Danielle probably doesn’t need friends it’s like pulling teeth to talk to, but thanks for the offer, Jason!


Fernanda’s Not-So-Romantic Yacht Date (Episode 7)

Robbie takes Fernanda on a surprise dinner date on a yacht. Talk about showing up her realtor ex-husband Jonathan! Although the beginning of the date was smooth sailing (sorry, we had to), the night takes a turn for the worse when Fernanda brings up the fact that Robbie doesn’t communicate with her during the week and she doesn’t know where she stands. Immediately, Robbie gets visibly upset and defensive and states that “things don’t happen overnight.” For Fernanda, he doesn’t reach out enough throughout the week. He asks “What’s enough for you?” We are so glad we get to be a fly on the wall during this one.


Kelly Has a Kid? (Episode 8)

After having a discussion with Kelly about one of his ex-girlfriends, Molly does the only rational thing there is to do: check out her social media. Duh! But, as we all know, checking out the socials is a slippery slope because you may find something you didn’t want to see. And that’s exactly what happens. She finds a picture of the woman’s daughter who appears to be 8, looks just like Kelly, and was born around the time they dated. Could be a coincidence?


Big Ed Gets a Kiss (Episode 8)

Ed is back and at it again with his new crush Liz. Ed brings Liz as his plus one to a wedding and gets some long-awaited alone time. Plus, he pulls out allll the tricks by ordering champagne, strawberries, and chocolate cake, until he asks Liz if he can kiss her and she says “yes.” Wow, we can already hear the wedding bells, can’t you? Well, Ed apparently can. It must’ve been “true loves kiss” because Ed jokingly confesses his love for Liz after. Oh Ed, so much to learn.