Amazon’s ‘Luxe Listings Sydney’ Takes Viewers Inside the World of Australian Realty

Luxe Listings Sydney
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is heading down under to Sydney, Australia for its upcoming reality series Luxe Listings Sydney.

The unscripted show follows three elite real estate agents as they negotiate million-dollar deals in a highly competitive market. At the center of the action are Gavin Rubinstein, D’Leaanne, and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen.

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Together, they’ll transport viewers into the fast-paced world of buying and selling luxury properties around the beautiful harborside city. Considered among the best at what they do, Gavin, D’Leanne, and Simon are all self-made pros in their field who are hungry to deliver results to their clients.

Along with highlighting their work lives, Luxe Listings Sydney will also follow the agents’ personal lives for added drama and intrigue. Among the special features property lovers will be able to revel in include Sydney’s harbor views, iconic beachfront backdrops, and a certain grandeur that’s signature to the city with coverage of the new phone plan deals for Australia.

Luxe Listings Sydney Amazon

(Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video)

The series is executive produced by Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Rikkie Proost, Sophia Mogford, John Karabelas, Anastassia Gerakas, Ben Scott, and James Kennedy. Don’t miss the cutthroat fun this summer, check out Luxe Listings Sydney when it arrives this July.

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