‘Botched’ Docs Examine Their ‘Interesting’ COVID Season, Take Jabs at One Another (VIDEO)

Botched‘s seventh season just began on E! and already, it’s looking like there have been a few nips and tucks to the usual plastic surgery-gone-wrong stories were used to.

“It’s an interesting season,” says Dr. Terry Dubrow. “Because not only did it overlap the pandemic, but we picked cases that are…really fun, strange, and difficult.” In addition to the wonky noses and bungled eye lifts,, Dubrow and his on-screen partner Dr. Paul Nassif will be taking on clients with a wider array of issues.

“We have breasts in the armpit, we have neck deformities, we have silicone injected into the biceps,” continues Nassif, adding that there’s even a patient with a birth defect caused by his mother’s birth-control implant and a shark-bite victim.

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Of course, these are all serious situations, and Nassif and Dubrow don’t mess around when it comes to patient care. But as fans of these comical docs know, all bets are off in regards to how they jab one another. In fact, both of them leaped at the chance to joke about what sort of under-the-knife work the other could use, while Nassif unleashed his secret weapon for one-upping his colleague: His newborn daughter Paulina, who crashed our chat and stole our hearts.

So what else is different this season? Well, it turns out that a year in quarantine and all of our online interactions — not to mention social-media influencers’ flagrant misuse of filters — have caused a spike in calls for their service.

“People who necessarily might not have thought about plastic surgery have been staring at themselves on Zoom for the last year 12 months so they’re sort of noticing things they want to fix,” says Dubrow. “The demand is huge.”

Good thing these two know how to reduce things that are too big.

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