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Plastic surgeons attempt to reverse the damage caused by unsuccessful surgeries.

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2014– Reality Series 8 Seasons205 Episodes

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Sunday, April 21

Most Outrageous Patients

Season 3 • Episode 14

The top ten most outrageous patients from Botched.

Sunday, April 21

Seven Year Stitch

Season 7 • Episode 17

A social experiment that follows a couple on the brink of divorce.

Sunday, April 21

London's Nose Is Falling Down

Season 8 • Episode 7

A woman's nose collapses after years of cocaine abuse; a man has a soup bowl-looking chest.

Sunday, April 21

Sep-EAR-ation Anxiety

Season 8 • Episode 8

A woman's recurring keloid; a superfan wants to emulate a celebrity; victim of domestic abuse.

Sunday, April 21

A Scar is Born

Season 8 • Episode 4

A woman who was born with her intestines on the outside of her body now has a stomach full of scars.

Sunday, April 21

Hot Lava Booty

Season 8 • Episode 3

A woman who sought a more voluptuous booty is left with scars and a missing butt cheek.

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