Halston Family Blasts Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Series About Late Fashion Icon

Ewan McGregor - Halston Episode 4
Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix

Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming Netflix series Halston has come under fire from the influential fashion designer’s family.

Ewan McGregor is set to portray the late fashion icon in the show, which debuts on the streamer Friday, May 14. However, Halston’s relatives claim they weren’t consulted about the series and have slammed it as “an inaccurate, fictionalized account” of the famed fashion designer.

“The Halston Archives remains the only definitive and comprehensive source on the man and his legacy as the personally appointed custodian of his private papers and effects,” said Halston’s niece, Lesley Frowich, who executive produced a documentary about her uncle’s life for CNN in 2019.

Ewan McGregor in Halston Episode 2

Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix

This statement comes just days after another of Halston’s nieces blasted the Netflix series. Posting on Facebook, Brook Drummond stated, “the family was not consulted, and it is an unauthorized, overdramatized and fictionalized account of a great man.”

She continued: “He was beloved by his entire family and this portrayal is frankly garbage from what I can see and it’s a ‘Real Housewives’ take on someone who was superbly elegant and sophisticated and who made enormous contributions to American fashion and culture.”

Last week, Netflix released a first look trailer for the series, which sees McGregor’s Halston turning his fashion dreams into reality before falling victim to a hostile takeover and spiraling out of control in a world of alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Halston’s director Dan Minahan recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the effort the Fargo star put into the role. [McGregor] worked with our costume designer to learn how to drape and cut and pin,” Minahan explained. “When you see him make the dresses in the show, he’s literally cutting the fabric, pinning it and making.”

Netflix nor the show’s representatives have yet to comment on the Halston family’s statements.