Danica McKellar on Why a Lot of People Die Around ‘Matchmaker Mysteries’ Angie Dove (VIDEO)

How well do matchmaking and murder actually mix? A lot if we’re talking about the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series Matchmaker Mysteries. In the films, a bright-eyed and cheery Danica McKellar stars as matchmaker Angie Dove, who brings lovebirds together while also stumbling across murders, which she helps to solve.

On Sunday, April 18, the third movie in the series, The Art of the Kill, premieres, and this time around, Angie, with some help from retired detective father Nick (Bruce Boxleitner), ends up helping solve a murder in an art gallery setting. “It’s a lot of fun as far as death goes,” McKellar tells TV Insider. “There’s a lot of intrigue and there’s potentially cookies involved!”

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And what about the potential relationship between Angie and Detective Kyle Carter (Victor Webster)? McKellar — who’s also known for her young role as wholesome Winner Cooper on the original The Wonder Years series — explains in our video chat how the relationship has advanced over the course of the first two movies, and says there may be a few more steps in the right direction in this film. When they make plans to go for dessert, McKellar — who will be live tweeting during the movie — wants viewers to weigh in. “I want the audience to tell me, ‘Do you think that’s a date? Are they going to the next level?'”

Watch the interview to find out more about the film, including why so many dead bodies turn up around Angie!

Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill airs Sunday, April 18 at 8/7c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries