‘Heartland’: Amber Marshall Goes Behind the Scenes of Filming Season 14 (VIDEO)

What better way to celebrate Heartland Season 14 premiering May 6 on UP Faith & Family on Thursday than with a behind-the-scenes look at filming?

TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek with Amber Marshall, who plays Amy on the Canadian family drama set on a ranch in the foothills of the Rockies in the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta.

“This has been a very different year for everyone. I don’t think you can say you were not touched in some way by the pandemic,” Marshall says. “That was our biggest challenge: How are we going to be able to adjust to working safely in these conditions?”

The standard protocols are in effect on-set due to the coronavirus pandemic, including masks and regular testing. But what they find particularly challenging is not being able to hug one another and having to stay six feet apart, the star admits. They have, after all, been working together for over a decade. (The series premiered in 2007.)

Heartland Season 14

Courtesy of UP Faith & Family

But for those wondering how the pandemic changes what you see onscreen, Marshall reveals that “I don’t feel that the show has been compromised in any way. The viewers are really going to appreciate the stories that we’re telling and also the fact that we do not mention the pandemic at all. That’s one nice refreshing thing about Heartland: It’s an escape.”

Watch the video above for more from Marshall and a look at filming Season 14.

In Season 14 of the series, based on Lauren Brooke’s best-selling books, horses will heal Amy as much as she heals them.

“While Amy struggles with a life-changing challenge, the entire town of Hudson will have to deal with an unexpected disaster that threatens to derail Lou’s (Michelle Morgan) first term as mayor, but the family will pull through together and be stronger as a result,” the logline teases.

The episodes will roll out weekly on the streaming service, and head to Netflix later.

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