Amber Marshall on How Filming ‘Love in Harmony Valley’ Differs From ‘Heartland’ (VIDEO)

Heartland fans will recognize the star of UPtv’s upcoming original movie, Love in Harmony Valley.

Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming on Heartland, stars as Emma Willoughby, who must work with her best friend’s brother (Eric Hicks) to revitalize the local winery. But he hasn’t forgiven her for the terrible accident the two girls were in. TV Insider has an exclusive first look at Marshall detailing what makes this love story “unique” and how filming it differs from her work in TV.

“Both characters come into this story with their own turmoil, and they can see the weakness in each other and in turn, they help each other overcome it but it’s not recognized in the very beginning,” the actress says. “As they develop a relationship and as they start to recognize the history between each other, it unravels into this beautiful and magically fresh love story.”

Marshall is known for her work on Heartland, airing its 13th season Thursdays on UPtv, and to her, “Filming a movie is a really neat way of wrapping your mind around the character.” While on a TV show, actors go into a season not necessarily knowing how it will end, she knew each step of her character’s journey in Love in Harmony Valley.

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Watch the video above for more from Marshall about her characters.

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