John Stamos on Being More Like His Stubborn ‘Big Shot’ Character Than He’d Realized (VIDEO)

Redemption is a key word for John Stamos‘ Coach Marvyn Korn in the new Disney+ series, Big Shot, which premieres Friday on the streamer. But will that redemption be a professional one — Korn was ousted from his college basketball job for throwing a chair that hit a referee — or more personal? We’ll find out as we follow him in the only job he can get, heading up the basketball team for a California private school for girls.

To learn more, TV Insider talked to Stamos, who explains he hadn’t realized how much he has in common with the stubborn Korn.

“I thought I was nothing like this character,” he said. “When I read it [I thought,] ‘I can play this but this is not me.’ But as I’m playing him I’m like, ‘Maybe this is me? I am stuck in my ways on this and that.’ So as Marvyn’s learning, I think I’m learning as well.”

The young girls he’s coaching, he added, are not the only ones who learn lessons in Season 1. To find out more about the new series, which also stars Yvette Nicole Brown and Jessalyn Gilsig, check out our chat with Stamos, above.

Big Shot premieres April 16 on Disney+. New episodes drop every Friday.

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