‘A Million Little Things’ Sneak Peek: Darcy Plans a Trip With Gary & Her Son (VIDEO)

Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) is torn between supporting a friend in need and building his relationship with Darcy (Floriana Lima) in the March 18 episode of A Million Little Things.

In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of “Miles Apart,” Darcy gets some good news, but Gary seems a bit hesitant when he begins hearing the details.

'A Million Little Things' Star Allison Miller on Maggie's Shocking NewsSee Also

'A Million Little Things' Star Allison Miller on Maggie's Shocking News

Plus, what does it mean for Maggie to be back in Boston and around ex-boyfriend Gary?

“Good news, we are off the waitlist,” she informs him. “Tomorrow, you will be joining me and Liam on our annual camping trip in the cutest little cabin in The Berkshires.” And while everything might not be working out as planned, “all that matters is my boyfriend is finally spending some quality time with my son,” she adds.

Watch the clip above for more about the trip and Gary meeting Darcy’s son.

Elsewhere in “Miles Apart,” Maggie (Allison Miller), who just found out she’s pregnant (cue the awkward phone call with Jamie, her roommate with benefits in England played by Chris Geere!), must face the harsh reality that cancer still controls her life.

“She’s able to say everything she needs to without worrying about how he’s going to be observing her emotional process,” Miller told TV Insider of the decision to not FaceTime Jamie. “It does make it easier, when you can’t see someone’s face through the other side of the phone, to have those kinds of conversations, although it could open up even more for them if they could see each other face-to-face. But I don’t think Maggie’s ready for that.”

There’s “something very intense and unexpected” coming up with Maggie’s health, she added. “She’s going to be on a whole other trajectory with her health.”

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Plus, Rome (Romany Malco) helps Regina (Christina Moses) at her restaurant, Someday, during the COVID-19 transition. Regina told Katherine (Grace Park) in the previous episode that they needed to go to 50 percent capacity.

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