‘American Gods’ Sneak Peek: Laura Is Still Hellbent on Killing Wednesday (VIDEO)

We’re nearing the end of American Gods‘ third season at Starz, and in this exclusive clip for Episode 9, “The Lake Effect,” Liam Doyle (Iwan Rheon) tries to calm down Laura (Emily Browning), who still has some, er, very strong feeling about Wednesday (Ian McShane).

In the peek, above, Laura and Liam — who helped retrieve the spear she needed from a leprechaun horde — are discussing her next move.

“The thing about all that s***, f***in’ religion, fate, destiny, whatever, is that it’s not real, and it’s actually just a f***ing cage. It’s like shackles, and I just… I just want to be free,” Laura tells Doyle in a huff as they take refuge in a church.

“Has anyone ever told you, that you’re very cynical and more than slightly over dramatic?” Doyle asks in the candle light. His assessment doesn’t seem to please Laura, who shoots him a look.

American Gods Iwan Rheon Starz


So he suggests that Laura set up some challenges for herself — or to try her hand at bowling. Whether she’ll take Doyle up on his ideas or not remains to be seen, but as the episode logline reveals, Laura is getting closer to her goal as she and Doyle will indeed close in on her target.

Written by Laura Pusey and Damian Kindler, directed by Metin Hüseyin, “The Lake Effect” will make you sorry it’s the penultimate episode. Check out the clip above for a sneak peek and don’t miss American Gods on Starz.

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