‘The Bachelor’: ‘After the Final Rose’ Host Emmanuel Acho Promises Franchise’s ‘Most Uncomfortable Conversation’

Emmanuel Acho The Bachelor After the Final Rose Reunion Special
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor franchise has always had its dramatic and uncomfortable moments, but the host of Season 25’s After the Final Rose special, on-air personality and author Emmanuel Acho, says to expect things to reach a new level on Monday, March 15.

“I can fervently say this will be the most uncomfortable conversation in Bachelor franchise history,” he said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on March 10. “You’re now mixing love, which is one of the strongest emotions, along with racial tension, which is one of the most toxic and volatile topics of our current day.”

Acho was tapped to step in as host following recent controversy in Bachelor Nation. Rachael Kirkconnell, one of the final contestants of the first Bachelor season with a Black lead, Matt James, was pictured at an Antebellum-themed party in 2018, and for liking racist posts on social media. Long-time host Chris Harrison defended her, then later apologized and issued a statement that he would be taking a break from the franchise, including hosting the finale special.

Acho told Colbert that it’s “mind-blowing” that his book Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, which is “about racial reconciliation will lead me to now hosting the most uncomfortable episode of one of the most-watched shows in our recent history.”

When the talk show host asked if Acho thinks Harrison should be dismissed from the Bachelor franchise for good, the author said he believes in “accountability” not “cancel culture.”

“Right now, he is taking accountability for his actions. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. That can be a law of Newton or that could just be basic common sense,” Acho explained. “Should he return to that role? You have to decide what’s in the best interest of Chris Harrison, what’s in the best interest of the show and the executive producers, but also what’s in the best interest of the cast.”

The After the Final Rose host also revealed he’s been asked to do The Bachelorette three times. “I like to keep my public life public and my private life private,” he shared when asked why he turned it down.

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