‘Game of Talents’ Sneak Peek: Host Wayne Brady Checks Contestants’ Confidence Level (VIDEO)

Could you guess the talent of a stranger? That’s what the contestants have to do on Game of Talents, Fox’s new competition series debuting after The Masked Singer Season 5 premiere on March 10.

In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the first episode of the new show hosted by Wayne Brady (who also serves as an executive producer), it’s up to two contestants, Dr. John and Dr. Jamie, to determine if the mysterious performer is a fire thrower, bonebreaker, 3D dancer, stand-up comedian, levitator, or gospel singer (world champion jump roper has been eliminated).

After the contestants decide to guess (they’re asked if they want to “play or pass”), they talk through their options. Dr. John and Dr. Jamie lean towards 3D dancer (they see “a little style”) and gospel singer. What makes these strong possibilities? Are they confident enough to lock one of those guesses — and which one — in? Watch the clip above for more.

Game of Talents blends “the awe, wonder, and spectacle of a large-scale variety show with a clue-centered, high-intensity investigative game,” according to Fox. So airing it after the guessing game that has become a hit among viewers — The Masked Singer, during which panelists and viewers guess which celebrity is performing in costume — is the right move.

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In the latest competition series on the network, two teams of contestants go head-to-head trying to figure out surprising and sometimes bizarre hidden talents of performers. There’s more than $200,000 up for grabs.

Game of Talents, Series Premiere, Wednesday, March 10, 9/8c, Fox