‘Believe in Wonder’: Wonder Woman Launches a Powerful New Campaign on International Women’s Day (Video)

Wonder Woman
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

The hottest lasso this side of Ted is being tied to today’s International Women’s Day, as DC Comics and Warner Media have just announced the kickoff of a major new endeavor entitled “Believe in Wonder.” And it’s all about that very international icon, Wonder Woman.

Hailed as “a global celebration that honors the 80-year legacy of DC’s Champion of Truth and Warrior for Peace,” the multi-month campaign will honor the character’s many iterations and achievements, culminating on her publication anniversary on October 21, 2021.

Included will be an exhibit in Abu Dabi, a virtual 5k this summer and a slew of original content like this, let’s just say it, wonder-ful video below paying homage to the many strong female characters across the Warner Media empire — including, naturally Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot and the classic TV series with Lynda Carter, which are both are available for streaming on HBO Max.

And of course, since the superheroine also known as Diana Prince first found her way into our hearts through the pages of the comics, DC is doing right by her by making All-Star Comics #8 (the first appearance of Wonder Woman), Sensation Comics #1 (the first comic headlined by Wonder Woman), and Wonder Woman #1 (1942) all free to read on the DC Universe Infinite digital platform. And in October, there will also be a 100-page Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Spectacular collectible issue featuring a Rogue’s Gallery of storytellers in comics and entertainment for a tribute to the Amazonian.

Created in 1941, the character of Wonder Woman has gone from a backup story in All-Star Comics to a pop-culture powerhouse immortalized in comics, graphic novels, TV, films, games, cartoons, and literature over the past eight decades. Tales of her heroism are available across the planet and starting today, fans can use Google Assistant to hear them by clicking here. On social, all the cool kids are using #WonderWoman80 and #BelieveInWonder to talk about her.

For more on “Believe in Wonder” events and updates, go to wonderwoman80.com.