HBO Max Sets ‘Justice League’s Snyder Cut Premiere Date, Unveils New Teasers (PHOTOS)

Justice League
Clay Enos/©Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

The Snyder cut is coming — we repeat, the Snyder cut is coming! HBO Max is giving DC fans something to look forward to this March as the streamer revealed a premiere date for the highly-anticipated re-cut of 2017’s Justice League.

Beginning Thursday, March 18, subscribers can enjoy the full-length film version (not four hour-long episodes, as originally discussed) of director Zack Snyder‘s superhero flick, which will stream exclusively on the platform as a Max Original film. In anticipation of the movie’s impending arrival, HBO Max also released three new posters hinting at a possible darker tone with various black-and-white shots of wreckage.

The initial 2017 film, which barely broke even in the box office, went through significant changes from conception to the final product. Snyder’s cut was rejected by executives, who then brought Joss Whedon on for revisions. Snyder wound up leaving the film after the devastating loss of his daughter, and ultimately Whedon’s vision wound up onscreen. Now, fans are eager to see what Snyder had planned for the superhero mash-up.

The film follows Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) as he aligns forces with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Together, they plan to recruit a team of heroes to protect the world from an approaching threat with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The unprecedented super squad that forms includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller). And while each member faces personal demons, there’s certainly strength in numbers. But is it too late to save the world from the dark intentions of Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid?

Justice League posters hbo max

(Credit: Courtesy of HBO Max)

WarnerMedia is going all out for the special film cut, announcing that the release will be supported across its platforms as well as DC’s. Fans can find the soundtrack on WaterTower Music, and shop for special merchandise exclusively at the online DC Shop.

Planning the perfect Justice League watch party? Fans can also embark on an immersive, at-home dining experience in the U.S. and UK with Wonderland at Home. It’s all the right ingredients for a good movie night.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Thursday, March 18, HBO Max