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Yeoman Diana Prince uses her secret identity to fight crime.

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1975–1979 Series 3 Seasons60 Episodes

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Saturday, June 15

Death in Disguise

Season 2 • Episode 16

Wonder Woman captures a hit man who is a master of IRAC disguise.

Sunday, June 16

IRAC Is Missing

Season 2 • Episode 17

IRAC is the target of siphoning information.

Saturday, June 22

Flight to Oblivion

Season 2 • Episode 18

Former Army colonel turned enemy agent wants to destroy a new test plane.

Sunday, June 23

Seance of Terror

Season 2 • Episode 19

Wonder Woman breaks up a phony seance and rescues three members of a World Peace Conference.

Saturday, June 29

The Man Who Wouldn't Tell

Season 2 • Episode 20

Wonder Woman destroys the formula of a dangerous explosive chemical.

Sunday, June 30

The Girl From Ilandia

Season 2 • Episode 21

Wonder Woman meets a 12-year-old girl from another world with special powers.

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