‘Wynonna Earp’ Midseason Premiere: Tim Rozon on Doc & Wynonna’s Very ‘Real Love Story’ Not Yet Working

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 7 of Wynonna Earp, “Love’s All Over.”]

Love — Cupid’s doing, via a spell — interrupts Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole Haught’s (Katherine Barrell) bachelorette and engagement parties, and wreaks havoc on Purgatory. Come on, what else would you expect from Wynonna Earp‘s midseason return, the first of its final six episodes?

Thanks to Cupid’s spell, demon hunter Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and gunslinger and vampire Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) share a dance, bringing them the closest they’ve been since she shot Sheriff Holt Clayborn (Ty Olsson), a member of the Earp-hating Clantons, in the back, going against Doc’s code. (To be fair, Wynonna doesn’t mean to dose everyone at the engagement party with Cupid’s love-inducing sparkles.)

That dance is “really beautiful because in this moment, everyone falls in love under false pretense [due to Cupid’s spell], but when you see Doc and Wynonna dancing, it’s quite obvious to everybody it’s not fake,” Rozon tells TV Insider. “And it’s sad because he then walks away because he knows, even though it’s not fake, it’s not plausible. The one real love story there is the one not working.”

After the spell is lifted, Wynonna admits, “I don’t want to let go.” Doc is the one to pull away and leave. It’s utterly heartbreaking and a scene that Rozon loves.

“I didn’t see another way the two of them could connect because they’re so disconnected at this point in the season,” he explains. “How would they even find a moment to have a little tender connection? It’s lovely, written in the way it happens. It’s not super heavy, but amongst all the craziness and madness is this beautiful moment between those two characters I love.”

Melanie Scrofano Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 7

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This all comes about when Waverly unwittingly makes a bet with the actual Cupid — she thinks he’s just a stripper — that love does exist. When she discovers the truth, she learns he doesn’t believe in love anymore after his boyfriend, demon and bar owner Amon (Noam Jenkins), broke his heart. (Cupid explains he chose her because he hadn’t seen anyone as in love as she is in forever.) But by then, she’s already been spreading his love spell all over town, courtesy of the sparkles he slips into her jacket pocket, making people fall for her and others. It culminates in the scene at Shorty’s bar for her and Nicole’s bachelorette party.

Rozon says he enjoyed that scene because it featured most of the cast together, something we won’t see too often this season, he previews: “It’s a lot of duo stuff or Doc by himself.”

Speaking of duo work, Doc also spends a bit of time with Cleo (Savannah Basley), the remaining Clanton who’s a bit lost after her mother’s death (at Waverly’s half-angelic hands) in the midseason finale. It’s from her that he learns Nicole made a deal to hand him over to the Clantons — their hatred for him goes back to the O.K. Corral in the 1800s — in exchange for getting Waverly out of the garden at the beginning of Season 4.

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Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

But don’t expect too much — or any — friction between Doc and Nicole as a result. “Of all the people, Doc’s the most understanding in those types of moments: Sometimes you gotta look out for number one. He doesn’t have any ill-will towards [Nicole],” Rozon explains. “This guy can’t be judging anybody after some of the things he did.”

The episode ends with the tease of a surprising hook-up: Wynonna and Amon. Rozon expects Doc to be jealous, but that he’ll “try and hide it.”

While “in his heart, he’d love it if they were together,” he adds, “he’s said it before: ‘She is nobody but her own.’ He means it with every essence of his being.”

And so the heartbreak continues for Wynonna and Doc. But hey, at least we have happy Waverly and Nicole! Now let’s just hope they get to have their wedding and it’s not as crazy as their engagement party.

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