‘Mayans M.C.’ Star J.D. Pardo on EZ’s Guilt & Dangerous Situations in Season 3

JD Pardo Mayans MC Season 3 Premiere EZ Reyes
Justin Lubin/FX

A charred corpse in the desert. A birthday party massacre. A dead body in a Sons of Anarchy MC jacket. There was a big ol’ mess left over when the gritty borderlands biker drama Mayans M.C. wrapped Season 2 in 2019. The saga returns with back-to-back episodes and trouble for golden boy turned outlaw EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo, above).

“EZ is now a fully patched brother of the Mayans,” just like elder sibling Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Pardo says. “Situations arise that threaten their lives.”

One of those situations is sure to involve payback for shooting up that fiesta. (It failed as an attempt to destroy competition for the weapons trade — the head honcho escaped.) EZ has committed crimes outside the club too. Last season, guilt-ridden Dita Galindo (Ada Maris), who had the Reyeses’ mom offed, asked EZ to kill her, citing “karma”; he complied and burned her body. Her drug-kingpin son (Danny Pino) may discover the truth and seek revenge — if EZ’s own guilt doesn’t get him first.

“He’s haunted by Dita’s murder and will be confronted with himself. Does he continue to live in his past hopes and dreams,” Pardo asks, “or finally embrace the truth of who he is meant to be?”

Mayans M.C., Season Premiere, Tuesday, March 16, 10/9c, FX