‘NCIS: LA’: What’s Anna Up to? We Have 4 Theories

Bar Paly as Anna in NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 12

The truth always comes out. That’s a lesson Anna Kolcheck (Bar Paly) is about to learn on NCIS: Los Angeles this season.

In the latest episode, “A Fait Accompli,” her boyfriend, Special Agent Callen (Chris O’Donnell) heads to see her — to propose! — where he thinks she’s part of a Rebuild U.S. group helping a town devastated by wildfires. But upon arriving at the motel, he finds out there’s no one staying there.

“I don’t know who’s been lying to you, man, but ain’t nobody been up here to help us rebuild,” the motel clerk tells him.

So where has Anna been all this time? And why hasn’t she told Callen the truth? We have a few theories.

The Katya factor

Remember Anna’s cellmate, Katya (Eve Harlow), who turned out to be a Russian spy? Season 12 hasn’t revisited it yet, so chances are Anna’s wrapped up in something involving it. After all, her record was wiped completely clean so interested parties, including AUSA Allan Williams (Alimi Ballard), could keep an eye on her in hopes that “the subject,” Katya, would make contact with her.

As for why she hasn’t told Callen, it could be compartmentalized. Maybe he doesn’t have the clearance for it. Maybe she’s trying to protect him. What we do know is executive producer Frank Military called that “a huge complication” in April 2020 and teased, “Anna and Callen will be in jeopardy next year.”

It seems likely this is what’s going to happen next.

Another case

But given her government work in the past, we can’t rule out her working on another case for NCIS or another agency, one she’s not allowed to divulge to Callen. Could it even be tied to the one involving the Russians captured with the plane in the premiere when one tried to deflect? Daniela Ruah did tell TV Insider that would be continued.

Callen Anna NCIS Los Angeles Season 12


Something from Anna or Callen’s past

Let’s be realistic: There is a very long list of past enemies for both who could come up again. Maybe she’s wrapped up in something involving one and trying to protect her boyfriend.

Hetty’s mission

We know very little about what Hetty (Linda Hunt) is up to, other than she appears to be in the middle of a war zone any time she videos in. Did she pull Anna in to aid her?

Whatever Anna’s up to, we have to wonder: Will Callen still propose this season?

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