Jodie Whittaker’s Win as Best ‘Doctor Who’ of All Time Sparks Fan Fallout

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Doctor Who (Ben Blackall/BBC America)

Exterminate! Exterminate!

The winner of TV Insider’s reader poll asking Who’s your favorite Doctor Who? has sparked a huge debate among the show’s passionate fans, with many up in arms that Jodie Whittaker came out on top after more than 6,000 votes were cast.

Over the course of the show’s 58-year history, 13 have played the Time Lord and Whittaker is the first female in the role. She’s had a polarizing effect on some of the show’s ardent followers, one reflected in the show’s declining ratings, so naturally some of you were unhappy she won the title. Negative comments ranged from the choice being a “joke,” to rumblings that Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall — who worked with Whittaker on Broadchurch — had somehow fixed the results. Of course, there were readers thrilled with the result, with one simply saying “Y’all are stupid, she’s a great Doctor.”

To sort this all out, we turned to a seasoned Doctor Who expert to hear what he has to say about the matter. His spin on the win should make every fan happy, as he says it shows the sci-fi series’ enduring appeal.

“It’s probably quite right that the current Doctor always seems to do quite well in these sorts of polls, as it shows that people are still loving the series,” says Tom Spilsbury, who spent 10 years editing Doctor Who Magazine.

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Plus, he says, “Jodie has a natural warmth, so I am not surprised she’s gathered a following.”

However, he can’t help but add a big caveat: Whittaker’s Doctor, he says, “seems to be portrayed as weak, hesitant and incapable, which is a very strange way to write the first female Doctor.”

As for the next Doctor, Spilsbury says expect a woman again. He said he has no insider information, but is going with his gut.

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