‘Lucifer’s Tom Ellis on the Dark One’s Mother Invading L.A. and More

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Tom Ellis

Lucifer Morningstar, the fallen angel who puts the “Hell” in “Hello, gorgeous,” is back for Season 2—and slated to tangle with his escaped-from-the-underworld mother (Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer). So we turned up the heat on star Tom Ellis for the lowdown on what Lucifer is up to now.

Your first season ended with Lucifer telling his brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside) that their “mum” had escaped from Hell. Where does the story pick up?
Pretty much where we left off. We’re a couple of days after the bombshell, and Lucifer and Amenadiel are on a quest to find her, which is quite a difficult task for them because they don’t know what she looks like! Mum being a celestial being, she’s had to inhabit a human body…but if they had their way, they certainly wouldn’t have put their mum in that body. [Laughs]

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Having a mom who looks like Tricia Helfer would be very confusing.
There’s certainly some Oedipal undertones this season. [Laughs]

Do we find out why she was in Hell in the first place?
Yeah, we get there, for sure. What I would say is the introduction of the mum character, from my point of view, has added a whole dimension to the show.

Lucifer 201

Chloe (Lauren German) is still trying to figure out who Lucifer (Tom Ellis) really is.

What about Chloe (Lauren German)?
Where is she in regards to figuring out who Lucifer really is? She’s just seen Lucifer get shot point-blank, bleed out on the floor, die and then get right back up. So Chloe’s having a very, very hard time with the whole not-believing thing. As hard as she tries, she just cannot fathom the fact that he is the Devil.

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What else does she need as proof?
Well, we find that Chloe has secretly taken some of Lucifer’s blood from that crime scene. She decides that she’s going to test it to find out once and for all who he is. I hope she finds tiny little pitchforks in my blood cells. [Laughs]

The show lets you do comedy, drama, action…you even got to sing. What would you love to see Lucifer do next?
Well, I joked with the writers that I’d like to see someone do a dance with the Devil at some point, and I think they might have listened to that. There may be something coming up.

Lucifer, Season Premiere, Monday, September 19, 9/8c, Fox.