12 TV Episodes With Alex Trebek You Can Stream Right Now (VIDEO)

Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura in The X-Files - 'Jose Chung's from Outer Space'
© 20th Century Fox Film Corp./Courtesy of Everett Collection

Alex Trebek was the beloved host of Jeopardy! for 37 years, but that wasn’t the only place fans could see him on television.

He’s guest starred, mostly as himself, on a number of TV shows over the years, from Cheers to The X-FilesThe Simpsons to The Golden Girls. And that hasn’t always been behind the podium for the trivia game.

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 of his TV guest spots you can stream now to watch the late host, who died November 8 after battling pancreatic cancer. (Episodes of Jeopardy! are streaming on Hulu and Netflix).

“What Is … Cliff Clavin?” (Cheers, Season 8, Episode 14)

When Jeopardy! headed to Boston and Cliff (John Ratzenberger) was a contestant, the host was, of course, Trebek himself. Available on CBS All Access and Hulu

“Questions and Answers” (The Golden Girls, Season 7, Episode 16)

Dorothy (Bea Arthur) dreamed of being on Jeopardy! and protested as she lost.  Available on Hulu

“Hank’s Wedding” (The Larry Sanders Show, Season 2, Episode 15)

Trebek did play himself in this instance, but he wasn’t hosting Jeopardy!. Instead, he officiated a wedding! Available on HBO Max

“Double Jeopardy” (Beverly Hills, 90210, Season 5, Episode 25)

Clare (Kathleen Robertson) dreamed she competed on Jeopardy! (categories included “Minnesota Studs,” “Walshes,” and “Twins”) and not only did she walk away with the win, but her prize was Brandon Walsh himself (Jason Priestley). Available on Hulu

“Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” (The X-Files, Season 3, Episode 20)

Did you know that Trebek was also a Man in Black? Mulder (David Duchovny) encountered him, or as Scully (Gillian Anderson) put it, “someone who looked incredibly like him,” during a case. Available on Hulu

“The Abstinence” (Seinfeld, Season 8, Episode 9)

George (Jason Alexander) became smarter when he had to abstain from sex — and he did quite well when it came to watching Jeopardy!Available on Hulu

“Penny-Wiseguys” (The Simpsons, Season 24, Episode 5)

Marge competed on Jeopardy! when the family needed some cash, only to find herself in even more financial trouble when she ended up owing money to the game show. Available on Disney+

“Swept Away” (Baywatch, Season 9, Episode 8)

Alex (Mitzi Kapture) saved Trebek’s life, but then he told her she couldn’t be a contestant on the game show. “One of the rules is that you can’t be on the show if you know someone who works there,” he explained. And even he couldn’t make an exception under those circumstances. But he did have Jeopardy! parting gifts for her. Available on Hulu

“Celebrity Jeopardy!” (Saturday Night Live, Season 27, Episode 20)

Will Ferrell played the host in the sketches spoofing the game show, but in 2002, the real host appeared for “Final Jeopardy” — and called out the celebrities on not knowing any of the right answers. Available on Peacock

“False Positive” (How I Met Your Mother, Season 6, Episode 12)

Trebek played a game show host, but this one, Million Dollar Heads or Tails, had a very simple premise: a coin toss. And when he had a coin flipped into his eye, there was a job opening. Available on Hulu

“Stayin’ Alive!” (Hot in Cleveland, Season 5, Episode 1)

After Trebek introduced the episode, he also appeared — in his “weekend” job as a park ranger, who rescued the women who were in “jeopardy.” Available on CBS All Access

“Who Knows Better Than I?” (Orange Is the New Black, Season 6, Episode 1)

Trebek appeared as himself hosting Jeopardy! in Season 6 as part of Suzanne’s (Uzo Aduba) hallucinations, but make sure you watch to the end of the clip above. Available on Netflix