In Your Face! The U.S. Olympic Basketball Team Scores a Samsung VR Series


Now that TV is available on more platforms than ever, Samsung Electronics is getting into the game with Chasing the Dream, its just-announced series available exclusively through its Samsung Gear VR headset.


Samsung VR1 headset

Offering the closest look legal at the U.S. Olympic basketball team as they prepped for the games in Rio, Dream is an immersive virtual-reality viewing experience as told from the perspective of the National team’s players, including Klay Thompson and Paul George.

It’s the second project from Samsung’s Beyond the Frame project, which is dedicated to creating and curating content outside of the traditional television framework from some of virtual reality’s most innovative filmmakers. Chasing the Dream‘s trailer dropped today and users sporting the company’s Gear VR (powered by Oculus) can access the series via the mobile app or online at


A still from Chasing The Dream

And if you don’t have a Gear VR yet, there’s good news. The series isn’t set to premiere for awhile, so hoops diehards who want more than just front-row seats to the action have time to pull a baller move and go get one.