‘The Masked Singer’: Jellyfish Makes a Comeback for Group C Playoffs (RECAP)

The Masked Singer Jellyfish Season 4
Spoiler Alert
Michael Becker/FOX

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Masked Singer, Season 4,  Episode 6, “The Group C Play Offs — Funny You Should Mask.”]

It was round two for Group C in The Masked Singer‘s latest episode, “The Group C Play Offs — Funny You Should Mask.”

The evening’s fun kicked off with the introduction of guest panelist and former winner Wayne Brady who entered the stage wearing a mask and singing Maroon 5’s “Memories.” Once Brady was unveiled, he joined Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke at the panelist’s table as host Nick Cannon introduced the performers.

Mushroom, Broccoli, Squiggly Monster and Jellyfish were among the evening’s entertainment. Below, we’re breaking down their performances, clues, identity guesses and the night’s big reveal, but beware of spoilers.


The Masked Singer Season 4 Mushroom

(Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Song:  “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

Clues: They used to have a bad wrap; Mean Girls references: North Spore High School, Burn Book, “fetch”; was offbeat in younger years and had to rely on different roots; as an outcast back then, their weirdness led them to their current situation; tiara and sunglasses; magic lamp holds a brain.

Identity: Among the panelist’s guesses were Donald Glover, Adam Lambert and Willow or Jaden Smith.


The Masked Singer Season 4 Broccoli

(Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Song: “Hello” by Lionel Richie

Clues: They love their “rockin'” costume; hint at success story; Goodfellas parallels: Foodfellas, Taxi cabbage; copabanana, dinner with the big cheese; cooked up beauty after an all-nighter; Canadian bacon; the numbers 3-7-2-6-5; gold anchor; magic lamp holds roulette table.

Identity: Guesses for this singer’s identity included Wayne Newton, Martin Short and Jason Alexander this week.

Squiggly Monster

The Masked Singer Season 4 Squiggly Monster

(Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Song: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones

Clues: They are becoming one with the monster; inconvenient truth; more than meets the eye; they were bullied for being different; popcorn; penguin; went through various tragedies and laughter was the only medicine; pineapple; crepes; White House; magic lamp holds teddy bear.

Identity: This singer’s identity pulled in some varying guesses including Ted Danson, David Hasselhoff and Al Gore.


The Masked Singer Season 4 Jellyfish

(Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Song: “Crazy” by Patsy Cline

Clues: They are really competitive; nerves got the best of them last week; used to being the best in their field; family is the “seas knees”; USS Big Bird; candle; yoga; their dad is their “ride or die”  as he’d drive her to gigs in the middle of the night; xoxo Papa J; magic lamp holds stuffed tiger.

Identity: Guesses for Jellyfish ranged from Sofia Richie and Lana Condor to Jamie Lynn Spears and Halle Bailey.


In the end, Squiggly Monster was the unlucky contestant to be eliminated leading to an interesting final round of guesses that strongly suggested it was none other than Full House alum Bob Saget, along with the night’s earlier suggestions of Ted Danson and David Hasselhoff, Al Franken, Fabio, Gary Cole, the Ying Yang Twins and Mystikal. Ultimately it was Bob Saget behind the disguise. See who will be unmasked next when The Masked Singer returns next week on Fox.

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