‘Tehran’: Milad Feels Betrayed by Tamar in Sneak Peek at Penultimate Episode (VIDEO)

The first season of Apple TV+’s thrilling Tehran is nearly over, and in an exclusive first look at the penultimate episode airing Friday, October 23, the drama continues.

This espionage thriller from the writer of Fauda follows the activities of a Mossad agent who goes undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran. While she keeps focused in her quest, Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan) faces plenty of obstacles that put her and everyone around her in jeopardy.

In the latest episode, Tamar is shattered following the events at the commune, and while Kadosh (Liraz Charhi) tries to help her recover, there will be some more challenges to face. An emotional face-to-face between Tamar and Milad Kahani (Shervin Alenabi) takes place as featured in the clip above.

Betrayal runs deep as he confronts her from his apparent confinement as Tamar removes a bag from his head and tape from his mouth. “How are you feeling?” she asks innocently before Milad asks her to “get out.”


(Credit: Apple TV+)

When she offers him a drink, Milad asks what the point is if he’s going to be killed anyway. Tamar tries to reassure him that he won’t be killed, but he isn’t convinced. “For months you’ve been setting me up for this,” Milad accuses as Kadosh listens in from a different room. “All our chats on the darknet, everything we did together. It was all an act,” he says bitterly.

What will the exchange lead to? Find out for yourself by checking out the clip above, and don’t miss Tehran‘s latest episode on Apple TV+ this week.

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