‘The Watch’ Cast & EP Preview the Fantasy Drama’s Wild World (VIDEO)

How do you uphold order in a city where crime has been legalized?

That’s just one of the questions facing the hodgepodge of law-enforcing magical creatures and folks of The City Watch in BBC America’s upcoming fantasy drama, The Watch. Viewers can also look forward to dragons, trolls, wizards, werewolves, dwarves, and more otherworldly beings running amok in this high-concept series based on the late Terry Pratchett’s comedic Discworld novels.

TV Insider met up with the cast — including Game of Thrones vet Richard Dormer (Sam Vines), Adam Hugill (Carrot), Marama Corlett (Angua), Jo Eaton-Kent (Cheery) — and executive producer Simon Allen on video chat to talk about the wild show and what to expect. Hint: Fans of the Discworld novels will see a landscape that’s slightly off-kilter from the book series, but that certainly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t tune in. Allen explains that the show’s steampunk vibe was born out of the desire to stand out from similarly toned shows throughout TV.

“It’s meant to be a junkyard aesthetic,” the exec producer says. “The show is set in a version of Pratchett’s multiverse, so it takes a lot of latitude and a lot of license with certain things.”

Check out the full video interview above for more on this bonkers city, its enchanting characters and, most importantly, to see Dormer show off his talent for impressions.

The Watch, Series Premiere, Sunday, January 3, 8/7c, BBC America