‘Superstore’ Season 6: America Ferrera Now Set to Return for 2 Episodes

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Casey Durkin/NBC

What a super surprise! When Superstore returns for its sixth season in October, fans will in fact be seeing America Ferrera’s Amy yet again—for twice as long as originally planned.

Though Ferrera was initally slated to exit the NBC comedy at the end of Season 5, the coronavirus pandemic changed those plans and she was set to return for one more episode to wrap up her character’s storyline. However, now she’ll be back for the first two episodes, TVLine reports.

Superstore is also among the list of shows incorporating the events of the coronavirus pandemic into its upcoming season. “There was so much we wanted to explore with COVID and how it changes the world of Cloud 9 that we decided to focus on that in the premiere, with Amy starting her new job remotely while still trying to manage the store,” co-showrunners Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller preview. In Episode 2, the series’ milestone 100th episode, Amy will have her final shift at superstore Cloud 9.

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(Casey Durkin/NBC)

At the end of Season 5, Amy was up for a corporate position with Zephra, while she and Jonah (Ben Feldman) were planning a move to California. The pandemic will cause them to hit the pause button on that, and the early months of it will be explored via time jumps in the premiere. “We’ll show how all of our characters are handling the uncertainty, the panicky and difficult customers, and the new demands of the job,” the co-showrunners note.

Feldman is not leaving, so we already knew that the couple’s plans will not play out as they thought. After the finale, Green told TV Insider, “we don’t want to give away too much of how [Jonah staying] ends up happening.”

Even back in April, the co-showrunners were already discussing writing the pandemic into Season 6. “It does feel like our show has always been a show that tries to reflect reality and real-life situations,” Miller noted, while Green added, “I think it would feel strange for a show like ours not to be addressing it at all.”

Can’t wait? We’ll get to see just how Superstore handles Ferrera’s official exit and the pandemic in just over a month, so hang tight!

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