Actor You Should Know: Mark Strong of Spectrum’s ‘Temple’

Mark Strong as Daniel Milton in Temple
Fall Preview

Hollywood’s go-to spy and bad guy, Mark Strong, breaks good-ish in the thriller Temple.

Where You’ve Seen Him Before

Strong is proudest of the smaller parts he’s played in acclaimed big-screen dramas like 1917, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Imitation Game and Zero Dark Thirty. But, he admits, “the fun roles are always memorable.” Among them: in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, the killer who matched wits and arrogance with the legendary detective and, in the 2014 and ’17 Kingsman spoofs, Merlin, the tech wizard and reluctant trainer of rookie spies.

Who He Plays Here

Daniel Milton, a London surgeon who sets up an illegal medical clinic in tunnels under the city’s Temple subway station. “The series revolves around Daniel’s attempt to save his dying wife, but in doing so, he finds himself forced into making some ethically dubious choices,” teases Strong. “Week to week, you watch a man trying to keep his head above the water.”

Why He’s a Standout

The enigmatic Brit is so good at masking his intentions, you question the motives of any character he portrays, including Temple‘s tormented healer, willing to risk everything for love. “That plays into my hands. It means an audience is never quite sure if I am a hero or a villain,” he says. “Do you root for Daniel or are you appalled at his behavior? Would you make the choices he does or not?”

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Temple, Premiere, Monday, Oct. 26, Spectrum Originals

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