‘Mulan,’ ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music,’ and More Movies You Can Stream at Home

MULAN disney+

The stars are still shining…right in your living room. In the old days — waaay back in 2019 — cinephiles had to wait months after a movie was released in theaters before they could watch it at home. But as of late, some of Hollywood’s newest offerings are available as soon as 17 days after hitting the silver screen, and many major films — with big budgets and top stars — are skipping theatrical release altogether. Whether you use a subscription streaming service like Netflix and Hulu (where you pay a monthly or annual fee to access a wide library of titles) or rent from Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube or your cable provider, you have a vast array of options for watching the latest blockbusters on the small screen.

Best of all, these rentals are easy to find. If you subscribe to any streaming service, all you have to do is open the app and use its search function. Most services also have helpful sections devoted to what’s new and popular, so you can see which fresh releases are available. If you don’t have access to those services, that’s no problem — just check your cable provider’s rental offerings. There should be a button on your remote labeled “On Demand” or something similar. Use it to go to the channel that displays every movie currently offered. Alternatively, if you know what film you want to see and you have a smart TV, use the search function on your television’s home page to go directly to the movie.

mulan disney+

Mulan (Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection)

The cost varies from title to title, but it’s usually cheaper than a trip to the cineplex. Disney’s long-awaited $200 million epic Mulan, now available to Disney+ subscribers for a $30 fee, costs less than most theaters charge for three patrons (not to mention what you’ll save on snacks!). Rather watch a Tom Hanks WWII drama? On this page, we’ve compiled several new releases we think you’ll enjoy featuring megastars like Keanu Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Janelle Monáe and other favorites. So grab the popcorn, settle in and remember: No talking or texting during the movie.

Available for rent now


Disney’s live-action tale of a female Chinese warrior is a vibrant, action-packed saga! Young Hua Jun (Yifei Liu) takes the place of her sick father and helps the Imperial Army fend off an invading horde. Jet Li costars as the emperor.  Disney+, available now for a $30 fee

You Should Have Left

Frights ensue after husband and wife Theo and Susanna Conroy (Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried) and their daughter Ella (Avery Essex) rent a vacation home in Wales. Available for rent now

greyhound tom hanks apple tv+

Greyhound (Credit: Apple TV+)


In an adaptation of C.S. Forester’s 1955 novel The Good Shepherd, Tom Hanks stars as Cdr. Ernest Krause, who leads Allied ships through the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Apple TV+, available now

The Secret Garden

The beloved children’s book gets a visually stunning update in this new retelling. Available for rent now


A dramatic biopic explores the life and discoveries of Marie Curie (Rosamund Pike). Prime Video, available now

The Mole Agent

In a charming Chilean docu-style drama, a man hired to look for nursing home abuse finds a delightful surprise. Available for rent now

Antebellum Janelle Monae

Antebellum (Credit: Lionsgate)

I Am Woman

This Australian biopic stars Tilda Cobham-Hervey as famed singer Helen Reddy. Available for rent Sept. 11


A modern-day author (Janelle Monáe) unwittingly ends up in the pre–Civil War South in this supernatural thriller. Available for rent Sept. 18

Bill & Ted Face the Music (Credit: Patti Perret / © Orion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Excellent! Over 30 years after their first caper, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return as the dim-witted time travelers.Available for rent now