‘Big Brother: All-Stars’: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 3? (POLL)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Big Brother: All-Stars Season 22, Episode 8.]

Big Brother‘s game is heating up as Head of Household Tyler Crispen (Season 21) unveiled his nominations for the third week of All-Stars.

Before the big reveal, the house guests with remaining passes were allowed to compete in the Safety Suite challenge if they wished. This time around contestants included Memphis Garrett (Season 10), Dani Briones (Seasons 8 and 13), Nicole Franzel (Seasons 16 and 18), and Enzo Palumbo (Season 12).

While most played for their lives, Memphis played to keep up appearances and blatantly threw the competition, allowing Enzo to take the top honor with his speedy time. After deliberating who to save, Enzo didn’t go with his alliance member Da’Vonne (Seasons 17 and 18), he instead chose Christmas Abbott (Season 19).

Janelle Kaysar Big Brother

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It’s unclear if this choice will backfire for Enzo as Da’Vonne’s displeasure in not being saved was evident on her face. But even if her wish to be saved wasn’t filled, she had little reason to worry as Tyler chose two vets for the chopping block.

Janelle Pierzina (Seasons 6,7 and 14) and Kaysar Ridha (Seasons 6 and 7) were selected by the HOH for eviction. It’s not that surprising considering Janelle and Kaysar’s names have been at the top of most players’ lists, classifying the vets as big threats.

But who should be evicted? As fans of the long-running reality competition series know, anything can happen in the Big Brother house. Let us know who you think should be evicted in Week 3 with the poll below and don’t miss how the game unfolds in this week’s episodes.

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