‘This Is Us’ Plans to ‘Attack Things Head on’ With Coronavirus Storyline

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It’s still unclear exactly when This Is Us Season 5 will premiere, but executive producer Dan Fogelman has teased a bit of what to expect from the series moving forward.

In answering a fan’s questions on Twitter, Fogelman revealed the NBC drama will be addressing the coronavirus pandemic. “We’ve decided to attack things head on,” he wrote, adding he’s “very proud” of the show’s writers.

That’s not too surprising, given series star Mandy Moore (who plays Pearson matriarch Rebecca) previously told TV Insider, “I think the writers are leaving themselves open to what is happening in the world right now, and whether or not they’re going to incorporate that is still a little bit up in the air. I think they want to give themselves the leeway and the freedom to bring some of that in, if it makes sense, but everything is changing so quickly. So I’m curious to see how we’re going to address that, because I don’t see how we couldn’t in some way.”

Fogelman also shared that nothing has changed about the way the series will end. “Same planned ending,” he said. “Same route to get there.”

While it’s uncertain when production will begin or when Season 5 will air, we do have some idea about what to expect as the series continues to explore the lives of the Pearson family. Last season ended with brothers Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) exchanging very harsh words in present day after disagreeing about the approach to their mother Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s.

“They will continue like a yo-yo—will come apart and together, apart and together,” Brown told Deadline of the brothers “complicated” relationship, which seems much better in the future timeline when “there are other things on their mind that they are able to focus on to put aside whatever differences they have.” But in his mind, that “yo-yo” dynamic will continue throughout the series.

Hartley told TV Insider that he thinks his character will continue speaking with Randall’s wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), and kids. “I’m wondering how that would affect Randall,” he said. “It’d be fun to explore that relationship a little bit more. Maybe she can help mend the broken fence there.”

And whenever fans do get to see Season 5, they should be prepared to see more of Rebecca and Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) love story. (Rebecca married the best friend of Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack after her husband’s death.) “It’s going to explore the Rebecca-Miguel dynamic and how they found their way into each other’s lives 10 years down the road, and coupled up,” Moore previously teased.

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NBC did include This Is Us, in its usual Tuesday time slot (9/8c), as part of its “fall” schedule, but we’ll have to wait and see when it airs.

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